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Looking for Dentists in Mexico?

"A Mexican Dental Vacation Is a Great Idea!"

Dental Work Of The Highest Professional Standards,
At A Mere Fraction Of The Cost… All While Basking In Paradise!

Free Consultations and X-Rays! *Panoramic x-rays $20 US

Dear Patient to Be…


No, I’m not talking about the dental work. Modern procedures have made dentistry just about painless.

I’m talking about the cost of dental work!

Cheap dentists and cheap dental treatments here in the USA are things of the past. Even simple routines can take a nice chunk of change out of your wallet. And complicated work, such as crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, bone grafts and the like? Those dental work price lists can be simply staggering.

mexico dentist 1 - veronica erickson -  office manager
Veronica Erickson, Clinic Director
Are you facing a HUGE estimate from your local dentist?

Dental work costs are skyrocketing…

Affordable dental work? Not when fees of $1,200, $1,400, $3,300…. or more(!) are not at all unusual.

No wonder so many people put off going to the dentist. It’s just too darn expensive. And if you don’t have dental insurance, forget it – it’s almost prohibitive.

But the longer you wait, the worse your dental problems become – and the more expensive the solution to correct those problems will be.

Even if you can afford the dental work, writing out those huge checks isn’t much fun, is it?

But… what if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? That there is an established, worry-free alternative to this dental work cost dilemma?

A solution taking care of all your dental work - safely, quickly and hassle free – allowing you to actually ENJOY yourself in the process, while saving money…

I bet you’d be interested.

Well, there is just such a way. It’s called Dental Tourism, and here’s how it works…

"My wife and I needed $21,472 worth of dental work to be done in the US. We got it done in Mazatlan for $3500. We saved a mind-boggling $17,972! You would be crazy not to get your dental work done with Mexican Dental Vacation!"
Joe M., Alaska

Our Dentists in Mexico in The Mazatlan Dental Clinic
Offers Modern, State of The Art DENTAL FACILITIES And SERVICES

There is nothing “third world” about our Dental Clinic in beautiful Mazatlan, Mexico. Mazatlan is already famous for its 5 star resorts and ultra modern infrastructure. In fact, compared to the typical clinics found in the United States, our Dental Clinic in Mexico achieves an entirely new level of cleanliness, comfort and excellence.Our dentists in Mexico can save you a lot of money!

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Here are just some of the extra features setting our Dental Clinic and our Dentists in Mexico apart:

Latest in Clinical Dental Equipment– From our super comfortable dental chairs to the sleek, modern lighting systems, our goal is not only to treat you as a valued patient, but a welcomed guest for dental care in Mexico as well.

Digital X-ray System- Using 90% less radiation than standard dental x-ray machines, images instantly show up on a computer screen.

Intraoral Camera– This wonderful device actually shows the inside of your mouth on a computer screen, where you’ll be able to see for yourself the treatment necessary for your needs.

Convenient New Location & Office- Within walking distance from 80% of the hotels in the Golden Zone and Hotel Zone, getting to your appointments with our Dentists in Mexico is not only a breeze, but fun!

Free Cell Phone! Yes, our Dentists in Mexico provide you with a free cell phone to use for the duration of your Mexican Dental Vacation! It makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family back home, and to contact our office with any questions

One block from the beach– Forget about looking at outdated magazines. The magnificent expanse of the North Pacific Ocean awaits you at your Mazatlan dentist office!

If you’re uncertain because you don’t quite know where to stay – no problem. We’ve arranged a travel trip link where you can get all the information you need. Plus, if you need a suggestion about luxury lodgings – just ask us.

Mazatlan is a stunning resort location – rest assured you won’t have any problems when it comes to enjoying yourself!

“I had absolutely no trouble communicating with them or the folks at the hotel, restaurants, gift shops… I’d give the whole experience five stars, and hope to return.”

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An Expert Team Of Trained Dentists in Mexico & Staff At Your Service

Besides our striking location and state of the art equipment, you’ll find a trained and experienced dental support personnel, who’ll be taking personal care of your complete dental work in Mexico - every step of the way. From dental implants to cosmetic dentistry and almost every procedure in between, our Mazatlan dentists will have you feeling and looking your best.

mexico dentist 2 - clinic entrancemexico dentist 3 - view outside the clinic
Office EntranceJust out the door from our clinic
TreatmentRoom1 treatmentroom2
Views of one of our Mexican Dental Clinic work areas.
waitingroomarea mexico dentist 6 - reception area
Waiting Room & Reception Area
mexico dentist 7 - beach1mexico dentist 8 - mazatlan beaches and resorts
Beautiful Mazatlan Beaches
mexicobeaches mexicannightlife
Miles of Beaches And so much more!

Affordable Dental Work On Almost Every Procedure Imaginable from premier Dentists in Mexico

drjenny mdrlinoguzman
Dr. Jenny Dr. Lino

The dental work you’ll be receiving is both affordable and inexpensive compared to prices in the United States and Canada. However, please don’t make the mistake of thinking we are “cheap dentists” offering “cheap dental treatments.” Just because they are dentists in Mexico does not mean that the results will not be excellent.
We do not believe in sacrificing quality and care.

Your dental work at Mexican Dental Vacation will be performed by consummate professional Dentists in Mexico dedicated to giving you the finest care and treatment possible. There is no such thing in our pool of Dentists as a cheap dentist – only qualified dental doctors offering affordable yet quality dental treatment.

For example, let’s take a look at the difference between having dental implants in Mexico compared to dental implants in the States:

Procedure: Dental Implant, including abutment and crown
COST IN USA: $4,400

Cost in Mazatlan, Mexico: $1,845
An insane 59% savings!

What if you have all of your teeth missing, on the top or bottom? You may be considering:

Procedure: MDI Upper Arch, based on 6 Mini Implants
(Denture secured by mini-implants)
COST IN USA: $17,000

Cost In Mazatlan, Mexico: $4,200

A huge 74% Savings For These Dental Implants!

Let’s see the difference with dental crowns:

Procedure: Crown or Veneer, Metal-Free Porcelain on Zirconium
COST IN USA: $1,500

Cost In Mazatlan, Mexico: $500

A 66% Savings For Affordable Dental Work in Mexico!

Here’s yet another dental work comparison:

Procedure:Bridge, 3-Unit Porcelain on Gold
COST IN USA: $3,800

Cost In Mazatlan, Mexico: $1,500

A 60% Savings For Those Taking Advantage of Dental Tourism in Mexico!

As you can clearly see, the same dental care in Mexico is far more affordable than the same dental work performed in the United States.

Why Dental Tourism Works So Well

You may be wondering why the services of the Dentists in Mexico in our dental clinic in Mazatlan is so much more inexpensive than what you are probably used to paying for your dental work.

The answer is straightforward: The cost of living in Mexico is far less than in the States or Canada, so too the cost of dental materials. When you consider the average income in Mexico is $6,230/yr – dentists in Mexico must price their work to what the local population can pay. Which works out great for those of you considering taking advantage of the Dentists in Mexico through dental tourism!

Dental Work So Good, We Fully Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction!

When you book your appointment with Mexican Dental Vacation, we’re guaranteeing the following:

You will save at least 50% off your dental work - compared to what you would pay in the US or Canada,

Dentists in Mexico that are thoroughly screened for providing quality, durable work,

• A dental clinic that’s always clean, sterile, comfortable and air-conditioned - meeting or exceeding the exacting standards you demand in the US or Canada.

• Your work will be done to your complete satisfaction,

• You will have the proper consulting and diagnosis before work begins, giving you several options on how to proceed,

• All of your necessary work will be completed on time,

• You will be treated without delays, so you can get back to enjoying your vacation!

We will pay to repair any problem you may have with our dental work, by your regular dentist. *Some restrictions apply.

• We are incorporated in Oregon, and abide by strict better business practices.

" “Dr. Jennifer was without question the finest and most precise Dentist I have ever had…”

I had made an appointment via e-Mail with Alisa and Dr. Jennifer Hernandez for 09:00 on Dec 2, 2008.

They were both there to greet me at exactly 09:00. Dr. Jennifer spent 4 hours meticulously preparing, and "bonding" … of four front teeth.

I commented at the completion of my visit, that they not only saved me many hundreds of dollars…, but Dr. Jennifer was without question the finest and most precise Dentist I have ever had work on my mouth. (I have had MANY in my 82 years !)

I rate their services as "5 STARS" !!

Frank, Scottsdale, AZ.


Want to see just how much money you’ll be saving by taking our Mexican dental vacation?

It couldn’t be simpler: Just fill out the quick and easy Dentists in Mexico form below. We’ll then discuss your options, the procedures we’ll be recommending and give you a quote for the dental work we’ll be doing for you.

You’ll know beforehand what your dental care is going to run, and how much you can expect to be saving over the same procedures if done in the USA or Canada.

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Your Mazatlan Dental Vacation Pays For Itself!

Why choose our Dentists in Mexico and Mexican Dental Vacation?


In almost every case, an all-inclusive vacation package to Mexico, including all of your spending money, plus your dental work – will still be less than getting your dental work done in the US or Canada.

Still a bit unsure? We’ve written an free informative e-book, “Vacation For The Perfect Smile” on how to save up to 75% on your dental work, by having it done by our Dentists in Mexico.

This in-depth e-book explains everything involved with dental work, the training and education of our Dentists in Mexico, and what to expect when you have your dental work done in our Mazatlan Mexico Dental Clinic. There’s even a section on life and standards of living in Mexico, as well as what’s involved in traveling to Mexico.

Frankly, this is a no-brainer. “Vacation For The Perfect Smile” is yours at absolutely no charge – just click here to get your instant copy!

"Beautiful job."

(The) Thursday after I got home (from my Mexican Dental Vacation) I had a regularly scheduled cleaning appointment with my Sonoma dentist. He didn't say a word about my new teeth. But the dental assistant, who did the actual cleaning said "Beautiful job." Those were her exact words. And she told me other clients were having their expensive dental work done by Dentists in Mexico also.

Craig Scheiner, Sonoma, CA.

So why put it off?

Get your free quote today – right now in fact.

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Our Dentists in Mexico are looking forward to meeting you in person,

Nick Konev
Founder & Owner
Mexican Dental Vacation

P.S. I realize that you might be hesitant because of all the false stories you may have heard about Mexico.

Take it from me, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more courteous and gracious people and society. Mazatlan itself is extraordinarily safe and clean, with a climate that rivals heaven itself. See for yourself– I promise you won’t be disappointed!

"Dr. Guzman at Mexican Dental Vacation in Mazatlan is an excellent dentist and for the first time in years, I feel my teeth are being taken care of properly, and not costing me an arm and a leg to do so."       William, Vernon, BC

" "Beautiful job." Despite the fact that I am a “Gringo Who Doesn’t Speak The Lingo”, these folks were extremely gracious, professional and hospitable to me, and I had absolutely no trouble communicating with them or the folks at the hotel, restaurants, gift shops, etc. Mazatlan is really a nice place with pleasant people.

Over the course of two visits, I had two dental implants, a root canal, and two crowns replaced. And it was still less expensive, including air fare and hotels, then back in the US., and the quality of work better than I’ve found for years.

As a bonus, I got to go deep sea fishing a couple times and tried my hand at paragliding. I can only recommend these good people highly. Their work is excellent, and Mazatlan a beautiful place to spend some time. I’d give the whole experience five stars, and hope to return.

Bruce D., Butte, MT

Traveling to Mexican Dental Vacation

Our location in Mazatlan, Mexico, is a short flight from anywhere in the US and usually a maximum of 2 connections when flying from Canada.

If you have a sudden emergency, you can rest assured that you can return home in a few hours, and we can re-schedule your appointment.

Here is a map of Mexico, with our location, Mazatlan circled in red. There is an international airport about 17 miles from our clinic, so getting to Mazatlan and back is never a problem. You may even choose to drive there! We have driven back and forth many times between Mazatlan and Portland, Oregon, and find it to be a great road trip.

map of Mexico showing Mazatlan, click the map for more travel information about Mexico

Learn more about traveling to Mazatlan, Mexico with free information about special travel deals, driving, booking flights, and more.

Don't have a passport? Click here to get one in 24 hours!

We can now do your dental implants in 1 week!

We have streamlined our clinic to the point where our Dentists in Mexico can do your dental implants in 1 week. On the first day, we do a blood analysis in the morning, on an empty stomach. We can then do the implant surgery the same day. You will be awake during the procedure, and will feel very little pain with the local anesthesia that we use.

You will then heal for a 2 to 6 days, and then our dentist will do a final follow-up appointment, and remove your stitches. Our dentist is availible if you have any concerns, or would like to have him examine you to see how well you are healing.

If you are not able to stay for 7 days, we are able to do your implants in as little as 2 days, but you will need to have a dentist or doctor at home who is willing to do the final appointment and remove the sutures (stitches).

Either way you may want to use the money you saved on your procedure, on some nice accommodations for your visit. For a full week stay you can find Mazatlan timeshares for rent at quite a deal. Timeshare rentals offer more of the amenities of home, and they are easily researched from home online.

Visit our page on Dental Implants to learn more about this procedure.

Please explore this website, sign up for our informative newsletter, and you will see that it really makes sense to book an appointment with Mexican Dental Vacation, and save a lot of money!

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