Could you be my angels ?

by Crystal

just took this

just took this

just took this im the one holding my little brother , you can see my teeth my wedding day, i couldnt smile My Face

I have all my top teeth gone… As a child, I smashed my teeth and so over the years the nerve damage killed them slowly. So my biggest fear is people being able to tell that I’m gonna have fake teeth (dentures or implants) this is a very sensitive subject for me.

My mom has dentures and when I look at them I can tell. I was told by many dentists over the last few years that I really need to get all the top teeth pulled and I just put if off because I didn't want to look ***** with no top teeth.
I finally gave in and had it done because I was taking so many pain meds and the pain was beyond being able to treat, on top of that they really looked bad!!

As it is now having conversations about dentures instantly makes me cry. I would give my right arm to have nice teeth. I got married and I didn’t smile, not one picture and its depressing.
I've never been able to smile EVER… growing up, my teeth were crooked and slowly rotted, it brings tears to my eyes because all I want is to have a beautiful real smile with teeth that at least look real.

My bottom teeth are fine, although I have no back molars. What would I need done to get a real smile? What would be the cost? I probably can’t even afford it but I can at least hope right?

Thanks so much for reading this.

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