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The Dental Alternative, Issue 16. If the Doctor likes you, he might take you fishing!
July 19, 2007
Welcome to The Dental Alternative.

If the Doctor likes you, he might take you fishing!

When Dr. Mackey moved to Mazatlan, he did not come alone, he had his Uniflite Sportfisher trucked down to Mazatlan. What is a Uniflite Sportfisher? A 32 foot sport fishing boat made in Washington that Dr. Mackey outfitted for deep sea fishing off the shores of Mazatlan.

So is the boat working out? Well, on the very first fishing trip on July 7, Dr. Mackey and friends caught 10 fish! That is outstanding, considering that out of the 4 times that the Dr. and I and friends went out with a charter fishing boat, we only caught three small fish not worth mentioning, and one sailfish. Considering that each trip cost $250, it could be argued that it was not money well spent. Now, armed with the Uniflite Sportsfisher, Dr. Mackey can go out at any time, and catch some of the most beautiful fish in the world.

If you are thinking that Dr. Mackey is catching every fish in the Sea Of Cortez, rest assured that he believes in catch and release, since he plans on fishing these waters for many years to come.

When you come to Mexican Dental Vacation, if he likes you and has time, there is a chance that he may take you fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna, Dorado, and other fish in the Sea Of Cortez. Imagine what a great day of fishing would be like, in the company of interesting people and some of the most exciting fishing in the world.

Although Dr. Mackey believes in catch and release, if you are invited to go fishing with him, you do have the option of keeping the fish that you catch, after all, this is a great experience that you will remember for a long time to come. You can even get your catch mounted by Grey’s Taxidermy, one of the biggest taxidermy companies in the world. They do a good job, but be prepared to pay up to $1200 US for a typical fish to be prepared and shipped to your door in the US or Canada.

There are many restaurants in Mazatlan that will prepare your catch for a big dinner, for a very reasonable price. For example, we had a dinner prepared for 8 people, where the fish was cooked three different ways, and it cost us $65 US, including drinks and side dishes. We had a great time for more than 2 hours, and had a lot to talk about.

Dr. Mackey has settled in very well, and is now hard at work with Mexican Dental Vacation, and we are going full steam ahead. He is very capable and hands-on, and a good communicator with all of our patients. He is always on time, and will tell you exactly what you need to know about your condition, will explain your options, and give his learned and experienced opinion on your best possible plan of action.

If you have been debating about where to get your dental work done, why not come to Mexican Dental Vacation to see Dr. Mackey? In our opinion, he is the best dentist in Mexico, and you can get your work done for less than half of what you would pay in the US or Canada. He is on top of the lab work as well, and makes sure that only the best quality of workmanship is produced for all of his patients, in the shortest time possible, so that you can go back to enjoying your Mexican Dental Vacation.

Remember, you don’t just come here for dental work, you can also come for the beaches, the parasailing, snorkeling, sailing, horseback riding, and maybe to see the real estate boom going on in Mazatlan, which we will cover in the next issue.

So, if you are in need of any dental work at all, call us at 1-780-701-2507 or visit us on the web at to get more information. You will be glad you did. No matter how much dental work you need, we welcome you to contact us at 1-780-701-2507 or by visiting our website at You will not regret taking this first step. Do it today!

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