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Adventure Travel Mexico - Mexican Dental Vacation, isn't just about dental tourism, well, almost. Though plainly travelling to Mexico is an adventure in itself, there are a lot of adventures in Mexico and we'll give you some ideas in this article.

Mazatlan, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico and over the years it has attracted a lot of fun loving thrill seekers just like you. So to address this need, some companies have started to offer adventure travel Mexico tours right within and nearby the beautiful Mazatlan.

Adventure Travel Mexico List

We'll try to include as many adventures as possible to help you have the most fun while in Mexico...

Canopy Zipline Adventure

If you're in Mazatlan, be sure not to miss the famous Mazatlan Canopy Zipline Adventure. They have top-notch and state of the art equipments that are well-secured. The staff are friendly and are professional.

Bass Fishing in Mazatlan

If you're a hardcore Bass Fisherman or just someone who wants to try it. Lake El Salto is world-renowned for Bass fishing. You may have seen it featured on fishing magazines and tv programs as it's been featured for quite a number of times in worldwide media. 

There are full-day, half-day, as well as special trips that you can avail of; choose what can work best with your schedule.

Mazatlan ATV Tours

Yes, ATV...

Your neighbor probably owns one and he might offer you some rounds with it but it's nothing compared to the thrill that Mazatlan ATV Tours offer.

The destination? Stone Island baby!

You get to drive your own ATV and get down and real dirty through the back roads and beaches of Stone Island riding off mangroves and coconut plantations, plus get to see the "hidden areas" of Stone Island.

You can choose as short as 30 minutes (really short) and up to four hours of ATV fun.

Mountain Biking

Trail the back country of Sinoloa, passing through the beautiful Mazatlan scenery...

See Mexican wildlife, local farms, beaches, and mountains while trailing challenging trails passing jungles with huge trees, mango groves,  and picture-perfect ocean views.

Be prepared to get some fun and satisfying exercise!

Boat Tours in Mazatlan

They say that there's no better way to appreciate Mazatlan's sheer beauty than from a boat. Well, this is your chance! You can take a boat tour in Mazatlan either for just a quick tour around the bay or to sail to Stone Island where you can engage in other fun rides and adventures like snorkeling, horseback riding, ATV tours, and banana boat riding.

Horseback Riding

Want to experience what a true Gringo feels when he shouts from atop his horse? Ginger's Bilingual Horses lets you explore the Mazatlan shorelines, Gringo style. Travelers agree that this is one of the most relaxing adventure they had in Mazatlan, aside from the huge savings they had from our dental services!

Sailing Mazatlan

Feel the serenity of the solemn wind guiding your sail...

No engine noise, just the relaxing sound of water and your sails. The vast shoreline of Mazatlan offers the perfect and relaxing Mazatlan sailing adventure.

Relax and let it sail... spend a day on a sail boat and discover the real feeling of being on vacation.

Scuba Diving

Ever tried scuba diving? Not everyone has and the great thing is, there's always a first time for everything. Whether first time or not, Mazatlan offers one of the best scuba diving spots in the world.

These spots are near Deer Island, Wolf Island, and Bird Island. Discover intact ecosystems that's almost unexplored compared to other scuba diving spots in Mexico.


Mazatlan and other areas of Sinoloa are known to offer excellent surfing condition year round, it's also famous among various surfing communities of the world.

Mazatlan Surfing spots like Playa Bruja, Playa Olas Altas, Cerritos Beach, Cagadazo Beach, and Playa Los Pinos are the most popular.


Not ready for the depths of scuba diving? Snorkeling is the perfect adventures that your whole family can enjoy.

Snorkeling spots are available on Deer Island, Bird Island, and Wolf Island.

Whale Watching

If you're coming on the periods between December and March, this is where huge groups of whales swim the Sea of Cortez to calve, while humpbacks continue their trail to Puerto Vallarta to have babies. 

This is a great opportunity to watch real life diving and jumping whales right in front of you. Be sure to bring your cameras to catch those perfect jumps!

Sightseeing in Mazatlan

There are a lot to great sights to see in Mazatlan, reason why it's known as "The Pearl of the Pacific".

Aside from the 15 miles of oustanding beaches that you could fall in love with, it has a lot of sights that tells a lot about its history from way back the Spanish colonial days.

If you want to know more about adventure travel Mexico destinations and our free dental check-ups. Please don't hesitate to contact us here. And we'll gladly answer any questions that you may have. Please note that we don't offer travel services but we'll be happy to help you book your adventure travel Mexico when you drop by our office for your dental care.

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