Bad Breath Tester - Ways To Check Your Breath

The most common bad breath tester that we all seemed to have used at least once in our lives is our own palm, yes cupping the palms of our hands to try to smell our own breath was a very common way to test our breath but surprise surprise, such a tester isn't really effective as we thought it was; what we do is only smell the palm of our hands and not our breath.

There are other ways to test whether or not you have bad breath  with or without the use of modern gadgets, be forewarned that some testing techniques can be a little awkward.

The best way to test your breath is to go to a dental clinic that uses Halimeter to test and detect bad breath. The awkward and not so awkward ones which you may need from time to time for your self esteem and confidence are as follows:

  • They say a mirror never lies; now, whenever you feel that you have bad breath you can stand infront of a mirror and extend your tongue out as far as you can. If you notice whitish color at the end of your tongue, it may be an indication that you do have bad breath.
  • You can also lick your palm and let it dry for about ten seconds then smell it. If you've smelled a bad odor, it may indicate that you do have bad breath.
  • Another way is to floss between your back teeth, you will immediately notice bad odor from the floss if you have bad breath.
  • Yet another way is by wiping the surface of your tongue with a cotton gauze and smell it. The tongue is a known habitat for bad breath compounds.

Bad breath is caused by the sulfur acids that are produced in the mouth which may result from alcohol based mouthwashes, alcoholic beverages, dairy foods, etc.

To make things easier especially when you're out, there are now some commercially available bad breath testing kits that you may find handy whenever you feel like you need to check your breath.

If you're in the US, you may scout some stores within your area or you may want to try and visit amazon. Just pay attention to consumer reviews of the items your eyeing to buy.

Now that you know the different ways on how to check your breath, please be aware that chronic bad breath may be an indication of a more serious illness. If you think that you're suffering from chronic bad breath, feel free to set an appointment with our clinic and take a once in a lifetime Mexican vacation for less than the dental care cost you'll pay in the US so we can help you address and finally eliminate that humiliating bad breath condition.

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