Determining The Best Dentures For Your Need

So what are the best dentures for you?

In very few words, what you and your dentist think is right for you is the best dentures for your need.

Dentures must be decided upon by the denturer and by the one who's going to wear them, so there's no one strict rule in determining what the best dentures are. What's best for someone may not be best for you.

Comfort and function must be taken into consideration, well, these two must be the two most important considerations when making and fitting dentures.

Dentures aren't one size fits all RTWs (ready to wear) but are dependent on the dentist's careful examination of your needs but don't let your dentist make all the decisions. Let him know if you're not comfortable with the fitting, don't hesitate saying if it feels to tight, or if it hurts somewhere. Deciding on the best dentures is a decision that you and your dentist must make and since you'll be the one wearing it, your decision more often than not, should carry more weight.

Ideally, your dentist should know how to examine your need to deliver the best dentures that you could comfortably wear for a long time.

The best option for anyone and one that we recommend are denture implants since they're more permanent and look and feel more life-like. They're just great to replace missing teeth, in fact, they are what we consider the best dentures!

If you're looking to acquire the more traditional dentures, here's how they are created and fitted into your mouth...

  • The first thing that your dentist would do is to take a soft mold impression of your dental ridges. 
  • He will then construct a wax bite mold into which teeth are selected and fitted.
  • Once this is completed, the wax bite denture mold is sent to the lab where the finished denture is crafted. 
  • Typically, the wax mold is encased in a stone mold which goes through a heat-curing process. 
  • The melted wax is poured out, leaving the teeth and denture impression in the mold. 
  • Dental acrylic is then poured into the mold and will again be put through the heat curing process. 
  • The acrylic injection mold system eliminates the warping found with the heat curing process, this results to dentures that perfectly match the patient's original dental impressions. 

For more information on why we think denture implants are better options, to regular dentures, please feel free to visit our dental implants page here.

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