Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Best teeth whitening kits and other ways to brighten your smile...

There are many ways to whiten your teeth. The first is the one performed by your dentists.  It is considered expensive especially for those people living in Canada and USA. 

Laser whitening treatment is one of them. This procedure uses light to clean your teeth.  First a hydrogen peroxide is applied throughout the teeth and then argon or laser beam is used to bleach the teeth. 

The cheapest dentist assisted procedure is the regular teeth whitening without the use of any light or laser.  This method is effective but it may take a couple of sessions before you see your desired result.

A better yet cheaper option is an ADA-approved bleaching kit provided by your dentist. These whitening kits feature custom-fitted mouth trays that you wear at home for up to a couple of hours per day or, sometimes, overnight.

If a professional whitening procedure is out of your reach, Crest Whitestrips Premium is one the best teeth whitening kits for at-home treatment that's readily available off your local drugstores.

Of the various options on the market, Crest Whitestrips Premium  receives the most recommendation from actual users.  It is cheap and easy to use. But then this may cause minor, temporary tooth sensitivity and is not as effective as professional whitening and may cause drooling.

Crest-brand White Strips is actually highly advised by most dentists because they do work to whiten teeth. However, they have to be used correctly, strictly following the directions as specified in the box.

For best results:

  1. Use the strips strictly as directed on the box. The instructions tells you to bleach twice a day for 30-minutes a time. The insides of the strip has hydrogen peroxide; (in-office, or dentist-assisted dental whitening uses a 15-35% version of the same chemical) that causes the stains inside your teeth to be oxidized and turn white. Applying the strips has a small learning curve as you will probably bend or fold a couple of them before you get the technique down.
  2. Leave the strips on for the time recommended in the instructions and do not over-bleach your teeth, as this leads to sensitivity.

Another one of the best teeth whitening kits available for sensitive teeth is Listerine whitening quick dissolving strips.  The advantages of this product is that its cheap, mess-free, convenient, and quick to use.  Disadvantage is that it can leave residue on teeth and it has less whitening power than other solutions.

Aside from the best teeth whitening kits that's available commercially, you can whiten your teeth through the use of fruits and home remedies that may be available in your kitchen. They won't fail you but don't expect immediate results with these home teeth whitening remedies.

Strawberry - is a natural cleaning agent that works miracle when use in whitening the teeth; you can either rub it to your teeth or mashed it to paste add a little baking soda.

Lemon juice added to peroxide and baking soda is another remedy, vinegar (apple cider or white vinegar) is another example.

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