Briefly - So that this might be read.

by Gerry Hewitt
(Ontario, Canada)

I was quoted $26,000 for the dental work which I needed, in Ontario, where I live. I found Mexican Dental Vacation where the quote was $5,500. I am a Yorkshireman and we have been described as Scotsmen who have lost their sense of generosity, so it was a no brainer. Yes, I was a bit apprehensive, but I took the plunge and arranged to go to Mazatlan.

My first contact was with Veronica Erickson, by email, then phone and then in person. You will not find a better front-line person anywhere. She answered my emails, it appeared, just before I hit the send button. Her general concern for the patients, when they arrive, is exemplary. I saw her go shopping for a Canadian patient who was recovering from several hours in the chair. Upon her return to the clinic she then drove the woman back to her hotel and saw her back to her room. If you want better than that you'll have to bring your mother with you, and even then.........
Veronica is better to look at.

My dentist was Dr. Isabel, and, like any other dentist, she seems to be happiest when she's inside your mouth drilling for untold treasures. She, though, was different from any dentist I have visited in the past, either in the UK or Canada, in that she was determined not to cause any pain. Even more important she succeeded. I honestly was eager to visit her for the next stages in my treatment and that's a first for me with any dentist.......
and she's better to look at.

My work was completed about two months ago and everything is fine..................and I'm better to look at!

Anyone who wants more details can contact me at

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