Cheap Dental Work in Mazatlan, Mexico

Excellent work, comfortable clinic, well-sanitized facility and instruments, cheap dental work prices… 

cheap dental work

These are but some of the amazing features of our Dental Clinic here in the beautiful Mazatlan, Mexico which you may want to experience.

Mazatlan is known for its pristine beaches, superb resorts, and high-class hotels; nothing “third world” about this place and nor our dental clinic. We strive to make every aspect of our office and services world class!

Giving our patients perfect smiles is our major goal, making anyone who visit Mazatlan and decides to avail quality cheap dental work more attractive, appealing, and confident.

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Cheap Dental Work as Part of Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical Tourism is rapidly growing in the different parts of the globe but careful with where you spend your tourism for cheap dental work! There are clinics in other third-world countries that offer cheap dental work with cheap results.

The cheap dental work we offer here in Mazatlan is an affordable solution to your dental need but certainly don’t come cheap when you talk about our facilities and the quality of our work. We’re proud to be at par with the facilities and services offered in the US and Canada. Ask any of our patients, just to verify… how? just search or ask online. The internet has made it so easy to get any information on anything nowadays.

Due to the proximity of Mexico to US and Canada (and the high quality of our service), many tourists, particularly from the United States, choose Mexican Dental Vacation as their destination of choice for their dental care. 

For the many years that we’ve served US and Canadian customers, Mexican Dental Vacation is now a phenomenon to those looking for quality yet cheap dental work.

You need not worry about the exorbitant fees of dental clinics and services; here you can find top-notch low cost of dental work, which you can't find in the US and Canada.

The cheap dental work, along with superb sceneries and exhilarating excursions and activities on the coast of Mazatlan, fascinates thousands of dental tourists to have their dental vacation here. I know that you too, will get fascinated! I did, and I still do.

The cheap dental work that we offer here in Mazatlan completely debunks misbelieves of other people associating cheap dental work with cheap quality dental care.  Not here, not with us; we make sure that we offer the best and the highest quality dental services for our patients. 

Their utmost satisfaction and comfort are important aspects of the services – our clinic is clean and comfy (air-conditioned and well-sanitized, other’s are not).

Highly-Experienced Dentists

Each of our dentists were strictly screened making sure that we only work with the best. They are rich in experience, very professional, and definitely have the highest quality of education and training in dental care. We also make sure that they get continuing education (which further updates their knowledge in dental care and new technologies).

So you’re guaranteed with safe and first-rate dental care while only paying same amount as cheap dental work. Assuring you that even though the pay is cheap and is within your budget, methods, procedures, facilities, and materials are one and the same with the ones used in the US.

They are also very competent that they could complete a particular dental work at the least possible time without, of course, sacrificing the quality.

With fast but very good service of our dentists, one can enjoy visit and enjoy various wonderful places here in Mazatlan  and still have time to visit other places here in Mexico after your procedure. We're sure, your well deserved quality dental work won't disturb any of the time alloted for relaxation and fun as we work with your schedule.

We Use the Best Tools and Materials

Like our dentists, the facilities and materials we use for our clients are of top quality. We are importing supplies from the US, so one is assured of the durability and excellence of the material.

We do not sacrifice the quality of materials we use in any of our dental work. We only use the best that is truly worth your trip to Mazatlan, Mexico.

In fact, we're but few of the dental clinics that uses CEREC (stands for ceramic reconstruction), which is a computerized ceramic dental restoration tool that uses various technologies like 3D photography and CAD/CAM that allows us to restore your teeth in a single sitting. It also allows us to prepare crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays, using different types of ceramic materials. Now, that's single appointment!

Comparison of Dental Work Prices

When compared to the dental health care prices in the United States and Canada, our prices here in Mazatlan is way lower than the others.

For instance, a complete dental implant which actually  amounts to $4000 in the US can be availed at the cost of only $1,845 in our clinic - not to mention that it's inclusive of abutment, crown, and implant post.

You will also see the huge difference when you decide to have your implant retained denture in our clinic, which only costs $4,050 to $4,450 (depending if 4 or 6 mini dental implants are used).

Meanwhile, you will only pay $11,000 per arch to permanent implant retained prosthesis, less pricey when compared to that of the US.

The cheap dental work prices that our clinic offer is very much beneficial, saving you a lot of money; money that you can use to enjoy, buy things in Mazatlan, or save.

If done in the US, dental procedures like these could possibly be worth so much money.

Soothing Vacation Environment + Premier Dental Work

This is the reason why Mazatlan is considered an ultimate dental tourism destination, it has the capacity to combine the two for you to acquire peace of mind, appreciated saving, and the best dental service.

Truly, a once in a lifetime experience!

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