Cleaning Dentures

Did you know that dentures are consist of microscopic holes that collect food debris that can nurture bacteria?

Since dentures usually stay in your mouth for at least 16 hours per day, denture contamination is inevitable and continuous reinfection may develop into microbial diseases that commonly would cause chronic diseases.

Now that you know why it's important to do some intesive cleaning on your dentures, it's also important to learn the different ways of cleaning and caring for your dentures.

Caring for your dentures involves similar procedures with maintaining the health and strength of natural teeth. Brushing them regularly and rinsing your mouth before you put them on keeps them clear of any left over food and from getting dirty immediately.

The first step in caring for your teeth is making sure you choose your toothpaste carefully. Dentures are very susceptible to rough surface and abrasive friction. Using the wrong toothbrush would as well damage and shorten the lifespan of your new teeth. Dentures can easily be damaged when you're using a toothbrush with hard bristles.

It is also important to remember to rinse your dentures first in warm water to remove any estraneous dirt from them before brushing your dentures.

Thorough Cleansing

The best way in cleaning dentures thoroughly  is by using name brand denture cleaners. They clean very well but they don't come cheap, honestly, they can really be pricey for some and most people think twice before buying name brand denture cleaners. So if you're on fix income, you might think twice before grabbing one.

This is the reason why most people prefer proven home remedies for cleaning dentures. Another reason is the fact that they don't want to soak their dentures  in solutions that are made from chemicals that they're not familiar with.

Do It Yourself Homemade Denture Cleaners

If name brand solutions for cleaning dentures is out of your budget, here are some homemade denture cleaners that work while helping you save your hard-earned money.

Peroxide Soak

Peroxide is widely known as an effective home remedy for cleaning various stuff in your home and it's one of the best solutions for disenfecting and cleaning dentures. 

To clean your dentures using peroxid, just pour peroxide into your denture cup and soak your dentures.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda alone is effective enough as a mouthwas and in cleaning many different stuff at home.

For denture cleaning, you can dissolve baking soda in vinegar and you end up with a bubbly solution were you can soak your dentures overnight.

Bleach Soak

Another way of whitening and cleaning Dentures is bleach soak. One part bleach in two parts water makes the magic.

This solution works very well with cleaning and brightening your smile. It removes discolorations and it eliminates germs at the same time.

For a thorough cleansing, soak your denture overnight. This is also an effective sanitizer.

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