Dental Implant Companies

There are three types of dental implant companies, the manufacturers, the marketers, and the retailers. The retailers, most of the time are your dentists and dental clinics like ours being that we’re the ones installing these dental implants on your mouth to give you that great smile that you’ve been meaning to have.

Dental implants are a huge breakthrough in the dental practice; sad thing is it’s considered more of a luxury than a need that’s why the dental implantation procedure isn’t covered by most dental insurances.

There are many different dental implant manufacturers and we’re going to try to name them in this article. In our clinic, we only deal with the best dental implant manufacturers. We’re going to list some dental implant companies (manufacturers) and give some information on their background. We don’t necessarily deal with all of these companies but the dental Profession in general is thankful to these companies for bringing the dental implant innovation into existence.

Dental Implant Companies

Nobel Biocare – “The world leader in innovative restorative and esthetic dental solutions”

Is a dental implant company that provides innovative restorative and esthetic dental solutions, providing professionals like us, advanced science-based “tooth-to-root” solutions.

BioHorizons – “Science. Innovation. Service”

Is one of the fastest growing dental implant companies in the implant manufacturing industry. Their dental implants and biologics products are scientifically proven and evidence-based.

Implant Innovations, Inc (BIOMET3i)“Providing Solutions, one patient at a time”

Offers comprehensive lines of dental implants and abutments, based in North America. They pioneered the development of biologically driven dental implants, being acclaimed worldwide for the micro-textured surface and the for the superior clinical success rate of their OSSEOTITE dental implants brand.

Straumann“Simply doing more”

Another global leader in restorative and implant dentistry. Straumann has pioneered the most influential technologies in the dental field. They believe that by simply doing more, they can deliver superior solutions that allows dental professionals to give their patients the best possible dental care.

Calcitek (Zimmer Dental)

Trusted by thousands of dentists and clinicians worldwide, makers of Taper Screw-Vent Implant System.

Astra Tech Dental Implants – “Extra ordinary products for ordinary people”

Both dental implant manufacturing and marketing company; they develop, manufacture, and market implants and advanced medical devices used in surgery and urology with products now being marketed worldwide.

These are but few of the most popular dental implant companies providing the world with developments in the dental implant industry. These companies mean more to dental patients and dental implant candidates like you than just new set of life-like artificial teeth, they could mean better lives, great smiles, and new sets of self esteem and confidence.

Again, we don’t deal with all of these dental implant companies (manufacturing) listed here but we only deal with the best and we do consider our office a dental implant company since we do act as installers/retailers.

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