Dental Implant Complications

You must probably be worried sick on the possibilities of having dental implant complications. Good news is, more often than not, you may not be suffering from one. Pain, is a natural occurrence to newly installed dental implants and can be treated with usual pain relief medications that your dentist may have already prescribed.

Why we're always sure that you're not suffering from one is because of the fact that complications such as this rarely occur as dental implants have around 95% success rate. But if you want to know the possible causes of dental implant complications, you've just found the right place for that! And, yes, we can also treat dental implant complications at less the cost that you're going to pay in the US.

So what are the different dental implant complications that some people are suffering from? Well, there are actually a number of them and we're goint to talk about the most common ones. They are...

Dental Implant Rejection

Let's face it, dental implants are a foreign object for our bodily system, in such that it isn't a natural part of our body. Though most people don't have this issue; some people's body just won't accept the implant since it's viewed as a "foreign object" by their body. So what the body does in this instance is "push" the dental implant out of the body or simply "reject it" entirely. Now, that's a complication!

Dental Implant Failure

One of the most common of dental implant complications is failed dental implant, meaning, the dentist was unsuccessful in installing your dental implants for some reasons.

Years ago, the most common cause of dental implant failure is the breakage or bending of the metal fixtures of the dental implant. Dental implants are usually made of titanium metal which may break during the installation process; things break and breakage may occur on complicated installations.

As said, breakage was more common years ago since dental are manufactured to last nowadays.

Dental Implant Infection

This perhaps is the most-feared of all dental implant complications. The human mouth is prone to infections, as such it is more prone to infection when it undergoes a surgery to put in the needed implants but the common infections that occur are on the surroundings of previously installed dental implants.

Infections can be treated with antibiotics, sometimes, it may be necessary to remove the dental work but mostly it is treated with antibiotics and some cleaning on the surrounding tissues without necessarily removing the dental work.

Bone Loss

This is quite a serious complication, in fact bone loss can happen to natural teeth. The jawbone supports the dental implant and the dental work on top so it's important to have healthy bones for your implants to last.

If you don't maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding gums of the dental implants, bone loss may occur. Infected gums may become inflated and the infection can extend into the supporting bone and endanger the implant.

Dental Implant Overload

People get sick when they're overworked and machines breakdown when faced with the same ordeal. Overworked dental implants too, tend to break down and just give up when they have too much work to do.

The first and foremost issue people face when considering dental implants are the high costs of dental implants so they try to negotiate their way with their dentist to get the cheapest price possible, what most dentist won't say is that they sacrifice the amount of implants installed to replace the needed number of teeth. Lesser implants than needed tend to make the installed implants work harder than usual and end up breaking due to work overload.

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