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One of the best solutions to a missing tooth is a dental implant but dental implants prices are sky-high in almost every part of the world that most settle unhappily with dentures that doesn't compliment their smile the way they wanted it.

Dental implants are artificial tooth that look and feel like real. You can bite just as natural as you usually do with your teeth prior to losing it.

Dental implant prices, even in third world country  are at most out of reach of the average income earner that would make one classify implants as luxuries instead of a solution to a serious need.

In the US, expect to pay somewhere from $1,250 to $3,000 each and depending on your location and the difficulty of the work involve; the total cost could easily catapult to $15,000 to $30,000!

Yes, dental implant prices could easily cost you your life savings and is usually not covered by your dental insurance as it is looked upon as luxury and isn't a basic dental insurance need, so having back your beautiful smile has always been a dream to many.

The main factor that we see affecting dental implants prices in the US is the high cost of living which basically catapults almost all prices of goods and services. 

As we have explained in our homepage, one reason for our low cost dental care solutions is the low cost of living in Mazatlan as well as our will to really provide quality solutions for as little cost as possible. 

Dental costs in the US are alarming and we believe that everyone has the right for decent dental care. The sad reality is, not everyone can afford quality dental care in the US because the cost can easily sum up to their annual income, or even more.

That's why when our patients come in our office, we make sure that they get first class service and treatment. We even offer additional perks like free massage before the appointment for relaxation and free cellphone use throughout the patient's stay in Mazatlan.

Our business is about providing each and every patients of ours the most relaxing and unforgettable experience and is isn't just about dental care.

You'll be surprised to see that the dental implant prices that we charge our patients are far from the average cost of dental implants in the US. In fact, we even give free dental implants from time to time!

On average, you'll be able to save from 50% to 75% off the average dental implant prices in the US. That's our guaranty.

But we'll require you to travel and take a vacation to Mazatlan this huge discount in dental implants prices. 

If a vacation to the beautiful Mazatlan doesn't sound like fun, then we may not be able to help you with your dental implants need but we can assure you that the whole cost of your vacation and the dental implants will even be lesser than the dental prices in the US.

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