Denture Cleaners From Your Household

Denture Cleaners

Denture, which is commonly called as false teeth, is usually worn by people as replacement for their natural teeth which may have been broken due to various factors. 

Like the natural teeth, these dentures also need to be cleaned regularly to protect them from breakage and from any mildew and bacteria that may house them. Though there may be different denture cleaners that are offered in the market, there are other alternatives available if budget is your concern.

  • Soaking the dentures in Vinegar

Soaking the dentures in vinegar may be proven as an effective technique since the acidity of the vinegar is proven to prevent any fungal build-up especially in the teeth. Just make sure to wash the dentures with water after soaking it in the vinegar. The use of vinegar will also loosen any plaque and may prevent further growth of bacteria.

  • Using chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide 

    The use of Hydrogen Peroxide is very much familiar because of its capability to prevent growth of any microorganisms in the teeth specifically the development of germs and bacteria. In cases where in they are already present in the teeth, these Hydrogen Peroxide also has the capability to kill any germs that your teeth may have.
  • Cleaning Through Bleach 

    Bleach is known as an effective solution to ensure that any material will remain as white as it is. Given these, applying bleach with the mixture of a liquid softener and water will be perfect in maintaining the whiteness of your teeth.  This will eventually loosen any stain and food bits stuck in your teeth.
  • Cleaning through the Baking Soda Solution 

    Baking soda is known to whiten any surface and to also neutralize any odor where it is poured on. Given these, soaking the denture in a baking soda solution with water will not only take out the stains in the gums and teeth but will also serve as a deodorizer for the mouth.
  • Baking Soda with Salt 

    Baking soda combined with salt can make an effective tooth paste. These do not only make a clean and odor-free mouth but also effective toothpaste. For an improved flavour, one may try to add mint or any other flavour desired by the user.
  • Brushing the denture is sa must 

    After soaking the denture to the solution, you still need to brush the denture with your brush and your tooth paste in order to assure that no unnecessary smell or taste will be left. It is also necessary for you to make sure that there will be no stains left after this.

These cleaners are proven to be effective in cleaning dentures and  it doesn't really need rocket science to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of your dentures even when the budget is tight.

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