Dentures In A Day To Make Your Day

Dentures in a day is our answer to the number one concern of going out of a dental clinic with missing teeth.

So what is it all about, you ask.

This dental procedure is also known as "same day dentures" and "immediate dentures". To put it in simple terms, you go into our clinic for tooth extraction but you don't go out without teeth in that same day. 

Does it sound inviting? You bet it is! If you're one who don't want to be seen without teeth or one too busy to deal with multiple appointments to get through the many appointments required by the whole process of tooth extraction and fitting of the final dentures; same day dentures is your answer!

Most people are embarrassed  to go out with an incomplete set of teeth, worst when the ones missing are the most important front teeth. A natural reaction for anyone since everyone wants to be seen at their best whenever possible and being seen without teeth is simply embarrassing.

In the old days, getting dentures meant multiple appointments which requires series of months before the final dentures are fixed into place. This means that you'll have to deal with the embarrassing feeling of being without your teeth for quite some time.

Normally, you'll have to set appointments with your dentist every step of the way from tooth extraction (if you still have teeth), to taking dental impressions, final impressions, placement of temporary dentures, and the final replacement of dentures.

These days, you have a lot of options when you think of acquiring a beautiful smile, but with all those options, denture prices remains sky-high in the US and most important procedures aren't covered by your dental insurance.

Compared to conventional dentures, dentures in a day have many advantages:

  • No longer will you have to wait for months before your new teeth are ready,
  • Savings in terms of money and time since you no longer need several dental appointments
  • Adjusting to dentures in a day takes significantly short period of time,
  • People won't even notice that you've had your tooth extracted since you never came out of our clinic without teeth.
  • With the significant time savings, you can immediately go back to the important things you do in your life than going to and from your dental appoinments
  • You won't have to spend months surviving on soft foods and milkshakes to nourish your body

Overall immediate or dentures in a day is advantages compared to conventional dentures' process. Ask us about it using the form below...

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Your Mexico dentists in our clinic here at Mazatlan makes all these new options more painless both to you and your pocket! 

Our dental care services isn't limited to dentures in a day; you can opt to choose veneers, crowns and bridges or even dental implants to solve your dental problems and we offer these options at very affordable prices without sacrificing quality. See our FAQ for reasons why we can offer such low prices for superb dental care.

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