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Are you looking for discount dentures? Most times, quality ones are just that hard to find, specially when you're living in the US where almost every dental treatment carries sky high price tags.

If you're looking for cheap dentures regardless of quality, they wouldn't be that hard to find but in most cases, you just get what you paid for! So we're differentiating cheap dentures from discount dentures here. Though we do use the word "cheap" on some of our articles on the web site, it doesn't mean cheap quality as we only serve US quality dental products and services. The difference is, we try to serve them in the lowest price possible!

Discount dentures are not that hard to find, at least in our clinic! We typically offer our dentures at least 40% lower than what you'd regularly pay in the US. Depending on your preferrence, prices can either go up or down so make sure to contact us to be sure of the budget that you would need to avail of our discount dentures.

Based on our own experience living in Canada, where dental care can also be quite pricey, it can be difficult for average earning individual to afford quality dental care so we've put up an American standard and American style dental clinic here in sunny Mazatlan, Mexico were the cost of living is low so we could offer discount dentures and other dental services at very low prices.

As a family owned clinic, we're devoted to giving families like ours, a better alternative in dental care without costing a fortune.

We believe it's unfair for anyone to pay tens or hundreds of thousands for a quality dental treatment and services like discount dentures must be offered to those who badly need them, though unfortunately, we can't build the clinic in the US, we're still able to offer our services at prices that allows us to change lives without having to ask tens of thousands of dollars.

Good thing, we were able to find a paradise were we enjoy spending our own family vacations; simply put, we fell in love with the place and decided to put up a dental clinic where other's too could spend the vacation of their lives while availing our discounted dental care services. Yes, that includes discount dentures.

We're not sure how you define discount or cheap dentures but based on the experiences of our clients, they say that what they spent on their whole Mexican dental vacation is far cheaper than when they have their dentures done in the US.

Travelling to Mazatlan from the US  is a almost a no brainer than when you compare it with having to do your treatment in some Asian country where flights are expensive and the places are hundreds of thousands of miles away.

While in Mexico, you can be back to US in a few hours when something important comes up.

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