Drunk Driver changed my life

My husband and I were on our way home from his co. christmas party on Dec.14, 1992. Since my husband, Doug, had a couple glasses of wine I'm the one that drove us home.

In our area of California, we have real thick fog many times every winter. We left the party at 9pm since the fog was very thick that night. I was forced to drive alot slower than normal, and was going around 25mph on a road that has a normal speed limit of 55.

We were about 20 min. into the drive when out of the fog a car appeared directly in front of me and forever changed my life.

Before this happened, I was very physically active, mother of 3 young children and worked full time. It took the jaws of life over an hour to cut me out of the car.

Over the next several years I had approx. 14 surgeries to enable me to walk. During this time my teeth had started breaking apart.

The doctor that manages my pain medication suggested that I just have them all pulled and get dentures. I did as he suggested, which has turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life!

It wasn't very long before I took out the lower denture and left it out because it was so painful to wear.

When I tried putting them back in after staying away from anyone other than close family, they were even more painful and did not fit at all.

I spent the next couple of years in hiding because I felt so ugly and old. My face shape has changed as well.

Anyway, here I am now 50 years old with 7 grandchildren starting to notice grandma is missing alot of teeth.

I also hate sneezing ,coughing or laughing and having my dentures fly out of my mouth! In case you wondered what happened to the drunk driver, the 20 yr old died at the scene.

Thank you for considering my entry.

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Dec 06, 2010
owner of Mexican Dental Vacation
by: Nick Konev


Thank God you were not killed or disabled in that accident, and were able to get your life more or less back to normal. Now, if we can help you get your dental health back to normal, it would help immensely in getting your life more or less back on track.

There are a few options for someone like yourself that has all of their teeth missing. It is very common that someone that has all of their teeth extracted and replaced with dentures to have a very hard time with them, to having them not fit properly and to have them come out occasionally or often.

Your entry has been accepted, and we will announce our winner soon, for the free dental implants from Mexican Dental Vacation.

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