Failed Root Canal

One of the best ways to save a tooth is a root canal treatment but a huge number of root canal candidates fear a failed root canal scenario.

Successful root canal treatments usually lasts for a very long time, in fact, they don't wear out so we're talking about prospective lifetime tooth remedy.

So what are the things that can lead to a root canal failure?

The root canal system in one's tooth is not as simple as how it sounds. Root canals sometimes aren't consistent, it is very possible that there could be a hidden canal where your dentist thought there's only one.

For example, lower incisors, usually only have one root canal but they can have two so if your dentist is careless, he might end up closing your tooth without knowing that there's still another root canal on that same tooth that needs to be fixed.

Same thing, molars which are expected to have only three root canals may have four with some people.

If the hidden root canal is not found, it will trigger an infection which results to abscess and a failed root canal.

There are times were your tooth is already infected due to tooth decay and too much damage that it's impossible to save it even with a root canal. Depending on your dentists' evaluation of the possibilities of saving your tooth, he may sometimes recommend root canal, which is the last measure of saving a well-battered tooth. With a tooth-wide infection, the chances of a successful root canal treatment is near zero. This may also end up in a failed root canal scenario.

Do you experience pain after a root canal?

Not all root canal pain is caused by a failed root canal but even if it's a failed root canal, retreatment may solve it. If your dentist is not an edondontist, he may send you to an edondontist who's equipped with specialist equipments and techniques to deal a failed root canal.

If you're worried that having a root canal treatment on your tooth may fail, failed root canal only fail about 5% of the time. Root canal has 95% success rate and it still remain as one of the best ways of saving a dying tooth.

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