Free Dental Implants:
I want my smile back!!!

by Maria Rivera Bumgart
(Sterlington, Louisiana, USA)

I'm a very fun-loving, happy person who has always sought to make others smile.

What everyone else called my "beautiful smile" always helped.

I was very lucky, I was blessed with perfectly straight and very white teeth. However, over the last 15 years, a series of highly stressful jobs, major family drama, and college tuition costs for myself and my two beautiful daughters has required me to put my own needs on the back burner.

My needs will always come secondary to those of my children. Both of my children required orthodontic services, wisdom teeth removal, and their needs were above my own.

Now, my dental health is continually degenerating, despite having brushed my teeth twice a day and flossing daily.

My teeth are weakening, browning, and breaking down, and, worse, I seldom smile anymore. My dentist is estimating about $25,000 worth of dental work for a full oral rehabilitation. This is more than half of my yearly salary and clearly, something I CANNOT afford. For the person who was voted "class clown" not being able or willing to smile has been almost crippling.

I am an English teacher at a high school in Northeast Louisiana. I have been working toward a principal's position, and this finally seems a very real possibility. So, what am I worried about?

My teeth!

As a principal I would be required to not only talk with my faculty and students, but with parents, members of the community, as well as other principals and members of the central office.

Yes, I want to look and be taken seriously, but I, more importantly, want to present myself as an approachable, confident person who will work to provide the best educational experience for our students and for that I NEED MY SMILE BACK! Please consider me for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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I want my smile back!!!

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Nov 30, 2010
Thank you!!!!
by: Maria Bumgart

Mr. Konev,

Thank you! Muchisimas gracias! Xie Xie! Obrigado! Mercí. Danke schön.

Thank you seems so little to thank you for considering me for this wonderful opportunity so I decided to thank you in a few other languages as well!!!

Nov 30, 2010
owner of Mexican Dental Vacation
by: Nick Konev

Hi Maria,

Dental costs of $25,000 or more are becoming more common, as dental prices seem to rise even in a bad economy, causing people to make some difficult choices, or look elsewhere for affordable dental work. We have been helping people for over 8 years now, and hope that you will become one happy patient, get your smile back, and get that promotion to principal!

Educating our youth is one of those professions that is easy for people to take for granted, but it literally shapes our next generations, and we thank you for your contribution.

Your entry will be considered for the free dental implants from Mexican Dental Vacation, and we hope to improve your life dramatically.

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