Are You Looking For Free Dentures?

Free dentures are looked upon by low income earners as the only answer to missing tooth since most have no way of affording the high-costs of dentures especially in the US.

Medicaid and Medicare provide for basic dental costs but most states in the US don't cover the costs of free dentures.

Funding for dentures are offered in the states of Florida and North Carolina through Medicaid programs but the funding is limited and typically only covers children under the age of 21.

The US government does offer grant fund for special cases and that includes dental care and healthcare. You must be a US citizen to qualify to request a grant. The great thing with this is, you don't have to repay the money nor submit any collateral; there are also no credit checks so virtually anyone can qualify for a grant. The hard part however is, you must be able to write a compelling grant request so as to be awarded and of course, not everyone who requests for grant assistance gets approved.

There are some charitable institutions too that can help you with getting a new smile through free dentures. What they do is partner with businesses who may want to join their charitable cause as sponsors.

The dentures that you may receive from this program usually are material donations from denturists and the services are usually offered by fresh graduates and students of dentistry.

Another way of getting free dentures are from charitable programs of some established dental clinics, our office for one does offer similar opportunities from time to time and as of this writing, we're actually giving away free dental implants as a Christmas gift to a deserving candidate.

Why dental implants?

Dental implants look more real life, and feels much comfortable compared to dentures. Implants are generally more expensive but our Mexico dental clinic is dedicated to give our patients the best deal possible for our patients without sacrificing quality.

Yet another alternative to free dentures that we've observed low income individuals are considering is dental tourism. The high costs of dental care in the US and Canada, virtually makes it impossible for low income families to get decent dental care so most are more than willing to get this from other countries like Mexico for example.

We've been receiving patients who've before tried to avail and wait for free denture opportunities to no avail and only ended up in frustration.

Though you won't get your dentures totally free from a Mexico dental tourism, you're awarded with good quality dentures at very affordable rates. *This depends on the dentist/dental clinic you spend your dental tourism with.

Dental tourism used to have a bad reputation due to fly-by-night dental clinics but is taking up a new face with the introduction of dental clinics that strictly follows US dental care standards. Mexican Dental Vacation adhere to both US and Canadian dentistry standards and has been giving great smiles that literally changes the facial contour of patients for the last eight years with a large pool of satisfied, repeat customers.

We value quality and we do mean quality when we say quality - the quality of our dentures are far from what you get out of free denture programs and are very affordable, in fact, we may even be able to arrange for dental implants that's within your reach!

Ask us about it, and let's discuss how we can work around your budget...

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