how can you eat with missing teeth??

by Sarah

Hi my name is Sarah I'm 25 years old and since I can remember I've had teeth that litteraly fall out piece by piece. I don't think I have a tooth in my mouth that hasn't had any work on it. Which was fine while I was living at home under moms dental plan, But I havn't lived at home since I was 15. I've been saving up to put money out for fillings that fall out, my teeth breaking, and I've had teeth so infected that all i could do is pull them because I didn't have the money to fix them when they needed it. Just recently I was approved for dental benifits at work which was a god send since I got a major tooth ache 3 days ago. A filling had fallen out but I didn't have money to fix it so I got super infected...the dentist took one look at it said extraction and charged me $40.00 thats with the discount of my plan. Then I go in 2 days later after spending $20.00 on antibiotics (Never mind the pain killers) I got the tooth pulled for $350.00 wich I was fortunate not to have to pay all of. The tooth they pulled was one of my back big teeth. When I was younger I got the one on the other side pulled due to lack of money, so now I'm missing both back teeth one on each side. The clinic I'm working with quoted me $3700.00 for an implant of which I need two of to eat anything that isn't soft. Also I need a crown put on a back tooth. That was a bad event. I got a root canal done but couldn't afford the crown so I've been living with a shaved open tooth in the back of my mouth since I was 21 or so. Honestley I'd just like my teeth to do what they are supposed to do and if it won't cost me tons of money that would be great. I don't make a lot I barely get by so this would be a gift of a life time for me. If I didn't have to pay to get implants I could get other issues with my teeth fixed like the broken top tooth and the hole in a filling which is getting bigger and bigger everyday. To top it all off I've got a big space in my front teeth that mom could never afford to fix so let me tell you how happy I would be to recieve this gift from you. Thank you.

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