Kayaking Mexico For A Great Kayaking Adventure

Ready for a kayaking Mexico experience?

As you may know by now, Mexico boasts of the best kayaking destination in the world.

If you're ready to satisfy that adventurous spirit, pack up some clothes and bring along a sleeping bag and let's head over the breath-taking kayaking Mexico destination.

There are many adventure travel companies that offer kayaking Mexico tousr in Mexico. Your Kayaking adventure can take a day or as long as ten days depending on the tour you choose.

Some even offers to pick you off the airport and you could book your adventure online, just as you can book your dental vacation through our website.

Week long Kayaking Mexico tours can include your accommodation, food, and all kayaking equipments throughout your adventure.

Your accommodation may include two nights of hotel stay and camping tents for five nights. The hotel stay will be on the day that you arrive and on your last day after your Kayaking Mexico.

The best days of your kayaking Mexico experience is in between the day you arrive and the day you leave. No hotel, needed here. Forget the airconditioning and air freshener, welcome the ultimate bliss of planting a tent along sandy beaches and sleeping on warm nights with fresh air from the seas as your air-conditioning.

Well, that's not all that...

The real fun is on kayaking! Where you'll see new sights at each stage of your kayaking tour. 

The Baja Peninsula is the most popular winter kayaking destination in the world and it can offer you quite a long ride and can lead to the best snorkelling destinations which may form part of your kayaking Mexico adventure.

Kayaking along with sea lions, with playful dolphins, and whale watching can make your adventure quite an unforgetable kayaking experience. Too bad, you may not be able to catch the breath-taking sights with your camera cause you're busy paddling!

On the bright side, the experience was well worth it! To be sure you get to capture these great sights, inquire with your kayaking tour operator or guide if you can bring along your handy camera.

Booking your Kayaking Mexico Online

There are a lot of websites that offer online booking of kayaking Mexico tours, we suggest to review each one first before booking your adventure so you get the best deal and you stay safe at the same time.

The following are some sites we've found during our own research to help you book your kayaking Mexico tour:


Aims to offer its customers the best sea kayaking tour and offers a full range of kayaking adventures from "energized fun" to "calm serentity". Each kayak expeditions are custom-crafted learning experience to help you appreciate more our natural environment and help you make the most while you're away from your stressed-out real world.

If you're researching kayaking Mexico for a friend, you can purchase gift certificates from their website as well.


OARS has been offering award-winning nature-based adventure tours since 1969 and yes, they can give you a once in a lifetime kayaking Mexico experience that you'll not forget soon after.

They offer a whole bunch of Mexico kayaking tours from whale-watching, island circum-navigation, island hopping, etc.


Provides wilderness vacations since 1993, each of their voyage is a combination of fun, challenging, and inspiring adventures which aims to rejuvinate one's body and spirit.

All of these companies offer other adventure tours aside from Kayaking Mexico. 

Though we're not connected to any of these sites, we suggest you start your search with them first as they have some great kayaking adventures for you.

If you're coming for a dental tourism in Mexico, please let us know first of your kayaking plans as such an activity is quite strenuous and if you're looking for an intensive dental procedure, the two may not be possible to take place on one Mexican travel.

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