Why Not Have Your Low Cost Dentures Done In Mexico?

Dentists offering quality low cost dentures are hard to find these days especially when you’re living in the US or Canada.

They say that a complete set of dentures is required to project the perfect smile and according to Charles Gordy, a smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. 

Indeed it is!  A genuine smile to convey happiness considerably changes how one looks by giving one's face more appeal and attractiveness, not to mention the reflection of positive attitude toward others. 

And more than the external merits that it has to offer, smiling has a lot of health benefits as well which includes but not limited to relieving of stress, boosting one’s immune system, and the lowering one’s blood pressure.

In smiling, a beautiful set of teeth adds a great deal of charm, thus boosting one’s self-confidence, however people with damaged set of teeth finds it hard to have access to a low cost dentist and cheap dental care especially in the US and Canada to have their dentures fixed or have low cost dentures made in placed of the damaged ones. 

But if you’re one of those suffering from loss or damaged dentures and if the average cost of dental care in the US isn’t within your reach, how can one acquire that perfect smile?

Well, there’s no need to fret, because the perfect answer for this niggling problem lies in a life-changing dental tourism in Mexico.

There are innumerable beautiful places to visit in Mexico which is one of the reasons why it became such a popular tourist destination. 

Known for its remarkable resorts and beaches, tourists find themselves drawn to the melancholic beauty of the country.

Mexico boasts of white sand beaches, an array of natural wonders, and magnificent sights.  One worth mentioning is the Acapulco; it is one of the major cities in Mexico and offers a wide variety of aqua activities like snorkeling, yachting, fishing, and others. 

The island of Cancun is a perfect place for water sports and the Mayan archeological spots are also found here and this is one of the reasons why it is popular to many tourists.  

Let’s not forget Mayan Riviera, which has endeared itself to people all over the globe because of the Mayan Reef.  It is the largest reef of coral in the western hemisphere and home to numerous aquatic creatures, offering more than just fascination to the visiting crowd.

To top it all up, Mazatlan offers one of the most premier resorts in the Mexican Riviera and is one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations.

Mazatlan literally means “place of the deer” an ideal place for relaxation and to spend a life-changing Mexican Dental Vacation!

With its famous attractions which include the Paraiso Mazatlan, tourists will find their stay here unforgettable and that’s without mentioning the casinos in Mazatlan which most find a good "past time".

Mazatlan offers not only one of the most memorable vacation but also a significantly cheaper dental care alternative for people from US and Canada.

Some people are hesitant of getting cheap dental work from other countries for the fear of getting cheap quality dental treatments, which in reality does happen. But not with Mexican Dental Vacation.

When you visit our clinic, your will agree that our clinic and facilities are at the same standards as the ones in US and Canada and when you meet our staff, you’ll find that we’re one of those few that really value their customers. Our clinic is clean, sterile, comfortable and air-conditioned which gives you the feel that you're really on vacation.

Our dentists are properly screened in terms of quality and the durability of their work, and we do guarantee each dental work performed for a period of two years. Also, we guarantee to pay for any problem you may have with our dental work, if you'll have it redone by your regular dentist!

Furthermore, our Mexico dentists come with the highest quality of dentistry education, training, and continuing education in dental care development and advanced technologies. 

More than the facilities, education, and experience of our Mexico dentists, our low cost dentures procedure are in accordance with American and Canadian standards.

Our Dentists strictly follow the sterilization methods and other dental procedures of the American Dental Association.  Dr. Lino Manuel Guzman Acoste is a member in good standing of American Academy Of Implant Dentistry.

We also make sure that supplies are strictly used for single patients only whereas they are immediately disposed of after every single patient use.

And to give you the best service possible, we make sure that we only use the best quality materials for your low cost dentures.

You may have searched for low cost dentures and though affordable, our services and dentures aren’t cheap at all. 

Our low cost dentures are basically of the same quality as the ones you get at higher prices in the US since we import our supplies from there. The only difference is the price which is due to currency differences that’s why we’re able to offer as much as 80% savings when you have your dental work done with us.

Try comparing denture cost in America with our rates in Mexico and you'll see a huge difference.  

Our clinic offer low cost dentures for an affordable price of only $1,080 per arch, that’s with premium porcelain teeth which are more lifelike than acrylic teeth. 

A complete dental implant that normally costs $4000 in the US can be availed for only $1,845, inclusive of the implant post, abutment, and crown. 

You can see more comparison in our dental work prices page here (opens a new window).

The considerable amount that you can save with Medical Dental Vacation gives you more opportunity of enjoying your Mexico vacation. And whatever amount it is that you’re budgeting for a denture fix in the US will be more than enough to cover the costs your total dental work and your vacation.

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