Mazatlan Restaurants - Best Places To Dine In Mazatlan

Among other things, Mazatlan restaurants are our team's favorite places to hang around aside from our dental clinic so if you're looking for the best places to dine around Mazatlan, we might be able to guide to some great places!

The long years that we have been going to Mazatlan has been filled with a lot of unforgettable dining experience with our staff and Mexico dentists. Mind you, that all of our dentists here are Mexican foodies and they really know "best" when it comes to Mexican dining.

Depending on your budget range, there are many Mazatlan restaurants to choose from. You could spend from less than $10 per person to $20 plus per person. Most restaurants in our area do accept Visa and Mastercard, some accept US dollars but not all so it's best to have some Pesos to burn with your food trip.

  • Panama Restaurant y Pasteleria - Panama bakery and restaurant is known for their excellent line of pastries as well as their lunch and dinner menu.  They can be found  at the main avenue just across Las Palmas Hotel.
  • The Sheik - Offers superb customer service and overall dining experience though food aren't always "delicioso". This restaurant is just within the Golden Zone so you could say, it's near our office and can be one of the choices you have when visiting us for your Mexican dental vacation.
  • The Saloon - is "the biggest little bar in town" which serves good tasting burger, another option to try when you're coming to our office for your dental care. This Mazatlan restaurant can be found just north of Banamex building which is right across our office.
  • Mr. Ace - An elegant Mazatlan restaurant which is right accross the Inn at Mazatlan. Just look for the Ace of Hearts billboard along main street. You'll experience an elegant atmosphere inside this resto but feel free to dress casually as most customers do.
  • Mary's Place - another great place that serves burger. This one's located right next to the Posada La Mission Hotel, just right accross El Bonito.
  • Heather's Place - another Mazatlan restaurant that's just near our office. Heather's mission is to make every customers feel a "homey" atmosphere, making every effort to make the restaurant your home away from home. This is a place for some good food, conversation, and great pancakes. Heather's Place is at 300 Camaron, Sabalo.
  • Mr. Tony's - features nightly live bands that can draw quite a crowd on evenings. Also located along Camaron Sabalo across Hotel Costa de Oro.
  • The Shrimp Factory - no, they don't manufacture shrimps but they do serve more than just shrimps. A great place if you fancy fresh seafood but also has some great menu for non-seafood lovers.
  • Panchos - Serves a wide variety of dishes that includes seafood, steaks, sandwiches, and Mexican delicacies.
  • El Shrimp Bucket – Affordability and delicious food are offered in this restaurant. Great customer service is also provided by their friendly waiters who make the dining experience interactive through some magic tricks and programs where they engage their clients.
  • Gus Gus – Unique ambiance partnered with satisfactory service are offered here. They also offer the best Guacamole that is a must-try for any individual.
  • Chili’s Pepper - Being near the beach and enjoying your meal are the things that this restaurant is known for. The price is also reasonable and it has the advantage of being near a hotel making it easy for individuals to drop by.
  • Senor Frogs – Popularity and success characterize these restaurants because of its attempt to capture a wider range of market having chains located in California, Florida, Spain and Brazil.
  • Canuck’s Restaurant – Wide array of food choices are provided by this restaurant. From seafood to vegetarian meals, they have a dish on their menu to meet your expectations. The ambiance is also well maintained great for relaxing and just taking a time out.
  • Los Arcos – Craving for the best fish, this restaurant will surely satisfy your hunger. This place is also known to the local individuals because of the quality of their food.
  • Terraza Playa – Restaurant inside the first hotel built in Mazatlan has certainly gained its reputation and its brand. This place has been known not only for its service but also because of the good food that it provides. The place is handled by very reliable and service-oriented management causing it to receive positive feedbacks both from tourists and local nationals.
  • Costa de Oro – One of the Mazatlan restaurants located near the beach which is known for its friendly waiters and very good meals. This is surely worth a try.
  • Jungle Juice – Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this restaurant offers meals that are specially prepared by its Chef Daniel.
  • Cenaduria El Tunel – One of the oldest and the best Mazatlan restaurants popular for its good food and menu receiving positive feedback and reviews from any client that they may have. Offered in affordable prices, foods here are certainly reasonable for your budget.

Whatever restaurant you may choose, there will surely be a Mazatlan restaurant right for you. With great service and delicious cuisines, you do not have to worry about finding one that will suit your budget. Giving these foods a try is truly worth it and will surely be an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

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