Check Mazatlan Weather Before Booking Your Trip

Mazatlan weather is a warm tropical wheather which is somewhat similar to other tropical places like the Philippines.

Summer noons can get a little warm depending on your standards, but may also exeperience afternoon rains which can be as short as an hour or last throughout the day.

Most people come to Mazatlan to relax on its beautiful beaches and enjoy a sub-tropical holiday so it's important to check the Mazatlan weather before plunging in!

Actually you can visit anytime throughout the year as the weather in Mazatlan is rather consistent and you'll never experience any freezing problems - Mazatlan is a paradise filled with beaches and beautiful people.

November to May is the best time of the year to head down Mazatlan, it is during this time that rainy days are rare and the average temperature is only around low to mid 80s.

Rainy season usually starts around June but you'd still experience about five hours of sun even on this season.

As a general rule, check weather conditions before visiting any place so as not to let the weather disrupt the fun!

Current Mazatlan Weather

Thanks to the internet, live Mazatlan weather conditions and forecasts are now easily accessible through various reliable websites so checking forecasts are really just a click away. 

Click below to get live weather forecast from CNN:

CNN Live Satellite Forecast

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