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Mazatlan offers a lot of options for Mexico all inclusive resorts, this page helps you book your all inclusive travel to Mexico.

Mazatlan is a city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, the second largest city, and Mexico’s largest commercial port.  

The city is nicknamed “Pearl of the Pacific” because it is one of the popular tourist spots in Mexico with its long line of uninterrupted beaches that has different types of hotels and resorts, either European or all-inclusive.

There are a lot of tourists and surfers who come here just to enjoy the land of water that surrounds the place.  This place should be part of your “where to travel” list as it is a great place and the scenery is breathtaking.  

There are a lot of resorts in this area that you can avail, especially the Mexico all-inclusive resorts.

Wikipedia describes an all-inclusive resort as “a holiday resort that includes all meals, soft drinks, and most alcoholic drinks in the price.” Most of the time, these resorts include sports and other activities in the price package, depending on the resort that you are availing of.

In the case of Mexico all-inclusive resorts, the resorts fit the budget of most vacationers, offering almost everything from dance classes to snorkeling activities; everything you need are already paid up front.  These resorts aren't at all heavy on the pocket, but you still get everything you want with an exciting Mexico travel experience.

One of the Mexico all-inclusive resorts that a tourist should avail is El-Cid El Beach Hotel/Resort.  This resort is located at the heart of Mazatlan’s Golden Zone, meaning it is near restaurants, great nightlife bars, lots of shopping places, and near our office. 

This is one of the first class resorts in the area that offer all-inclusive rates such as the The European Plan and The Elite All-Inclusive Plan.

The European Plan only includes your room accommodations, while the Elite includes other amenities such as: all meals served at eight restaurants and four El Cid hotels, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants, daily pool, steam and sauna, fitness center, unlimited golf in El Cid Country Club, unlimited use of tennis courts and use of non-water motorized sports. There are a lot more in this plan and availing this will surely give you a great time in Mazatlan while you're enjoying your Mexican Dental Vacation.

Another one of Mexico all inclusive resorts is the Oceano Palace located at the southern end of Mazatlan’s Golden Zone which is only 25 minutes away from the airport.  

Just like the El-Cid El Beach Hotel/Resort, this resort also has the European Plan which offers rooms only.  The rooms are equipped with a private tub and shower, air-conditioning, color TV with remote control and features channels such as HBO, CNN, and ESPN, telephone with a voicemail system, and a balcony facing the ocean view.  The all-inclusive plan, on the other hand, offers all meals and drinks, non-motorized water sports such as kayaking, and daily and nightly entertainment.  

Hotel Emporio Mazatlan (formerly known as Riviera Beach Resort Mazatlan) is also one of the Mexico all-inclusive resorts that is located at the beachfront of Mazatlan’s Golden Zone.  With the beach in front of the hotel, most of their rooms have an ocean view that you can savor while relaxing.  

You can visit the El Ancla restaurant that serves international and seafood specialties and has an oceanic view as well.  Then you can go to La Palapa Bar located at the main pool to savor you tropical drinks.  And just like the previous hotels mentioned above, Hotel Emporio Mazatlan also offers European and All-Inclusive plans that pretty much suit your Mexico vacation needs.

Since Mazatlan is one of the greatest tourist places of the country due to its unending beaches, there are a lot more Mexico all-inclusive resorts to choose from that cater to your needs as a tourist and your budget.  Mexico all-inclusive resorts will help make the best out of your trip as there are a lot of activities they have organized for you to take advantage of.

Thanks to the internet, finding Mexico all inclusive resorts is even easier. Websites like Expedia.Com, Priceline.Com, CheapTickets.Com, and Kayak.Com are also worth investigating in getting the best deals on Mexico all inclusive resorts and flight packages.

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