Mexico Travel Brochure

A Mexico travel brochure is an excellent way to explore the great sites of Mexico before even embarking on the journey.

Mexico is the fifth largest country in the Americas and a federal constitutional republic in North America.  

It is also one of the famous tourist destinations in America because of its tourist spots and it being the home to the uninterrupted beach in Mazatlan.  A Mexico travel brochure not only helps you find a place to stay but reveals great places to visit and fun things to do in Mexico.

When going to Mexico, it’s important to read about the country beforhand to have the needed knowledge to explore and enjoy it. 

There are two types of Mexico travel brochures that you can enjoy; one is in electronic form that you can view online and the other, you can request from your travel agent or agency in printed form.

You can request Mexico travel brochures from Most travel websites to guide your Mexico travel.

We've made this Mexico travel brochure to feature some of the best places you can visit  and things you can do during the length of your Mexican Dental Vacation with us.

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The Old Mazatlan

The old Mazatlan is one of the must-see sites in Mexico. It's not very far from Nuevo Mazatlan but there's a huge difference in each one's picturesque.

Old Mazatlan's main square boasts of classically beautiful architecture with the breathtaking work on the restored buildings.

The 19th Century Cathedral is a site to behold, enjoy two historical museums, galleries and local restaurants.

Huana Coa Canopy Adventures

If you're in for an unforgettable Mexican vacation experience, Huana Coa can arrange your Mexican Adventure of a lifetime.

For only $75, they can pick you up from your hotel for a zip-lining fun. The day will consist of nine zip lines, a tequilla factory tour (with unlimited teqcuilla shots).

If you're day isn't complete with zip-lining and tequilla tour, they also have two-hour ATV tours to burn your day for $125.

Mazatlan Nightlife

Enjoy yourself  with the three nights a week Mazatlan fiesta happening at the Playa Mazatlan Hotel. A three-hour fun-filled extravaganza that's worth remembering; a mariachi music opens up the scene which is followed by dancing and buffet dinner that's accompanied by folkloric performances from native singers and dancers.

Play Golf and Tennis

If you enjoy playing golf, the Elcid Golf and Country Club has an excellent golf course designed in the Lee Trevino shape with 27 holes. 

There are 13 tennis courts to choose from to keep you fit throughout your stay in Mazatlan.

Acuano Mazatlan

Acuano Mazatlan has more than 50 aquariums and with around 200 water species gathered from all over the world.

It's located between downtown Mazatlan and Golden Zone (which is just near our clinic), it also features sea lions, exotic bird shows.

Horse-Ride with Ginger's Bilingual Horses

Enjoy the shoreline with Ginger's Bilingual Horses. Virtually everyone who visits us and had the chance to explore the long shorelines agree that horse-riding is one of the most relaxing adventures they've tried here in Mazatlan.

Whether it's a romantic ride with your loved-one or a fun adventure with your family. Horse-ride by the beach is one of the things you should try when in Mazatlan.

Free One-hour Massage

Mexican Dental Vacation has partnered with Royal Spa, a great massage studio which is just around the corner from our clinic.

You'll get a free one-hour massage with Royal Spa when you visit our office for your dental care. Royal Spa is owned and operated by Knute Berry who also owns several massage studios in California.

He trained and employed six local women in Royal Spa. Massage is a great way to relax before your dental visit. This is what they call "spa dentistry".

We make sure that your visit is pleasant and part of your relaxing Mexico vacation.

Malecón Cliff Divers

Walk down south of the Golden Zone to Malecón and enjoy watching Cliff Divers death-defying stunts to entertain on-lookers.

It's a waterfront street lined with shops and restaurants coasting the Golden zone all the way old Mazatlan.

It's just amazing to watch these dare-devils leap breath-taking heights!

Bahia Mariscos Restaurant

Visit Bahia Mariscos Restaurant, a charming, rustic restaurant that's a must if you're one who loves dining and looking out for exquisite dining experience.

This restaurant is housed in an early 20th century historic townhouse from where they offer extensive choices of seafood dishes at very reasonable prices.

Isla de Venados (Deer Island)

Image courtesy: TripAdvisor

The Deer island is perfect for water activities such as boat ride, snorkeling and kayaking. You can book one full day for these activities, inlcude lunch and drinks with booking to make it even enjoyable.

There are other tour companies that offer similar adventures, you can ask your hotel concierge for more options.


Mazatlan is one of the most popular sports fishing destination, the most popular in Mexico in fact.

It has about eight fleets of of charter boats with Star Fleet and Bibias two of the most popular.

Catch fresh fish like sailfish, marlin, dorado, wahoo, tuna, shrimp and grouper with your loved one, friends, or family, then have it cooked by any of the local restaurants for dinner.

Swimming and Sunbathing

Obviously, this is one of the most common things you'd enjoy once in Mazatlan, there are but endless of beaches to choose from, our clinic is in fact very near the shore.


Bullfights are held every Sundays and holidays from December through April at the Plaza Monumental which is only a short ride from the Golden Zone.

If you're visitng during the summer months, you can also witness rodeos in this same arena.

We hope our mini Mexico travel brochure can get you get started on things to do here in Mazatlan, Mexico. If you want to couple your vacation with an affordable dental care, please don't hesitate to let us know about it through our contact page.

We offer great priviledges to our clients to make their stay here hassle-free, easy, and comfortable.

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