Our Mexico Travel Warning

You may have heard or even read about a Mexico travel warning from the US State Government website or from the Canadian government. Such a travel warning is issued to  advise travellers to take precautions when travelling in countries that they've released such travel advisories.

Does that mean that you can't travel to Mexico? No, not at all but it means taking responsibility and proper precautions during your travel.

The reason for these travel warnings is for you to keep safe throughout your travel and avoid places that are prone to crime and danger.

But wherever you are,  precautions must always be observed and since you're concerned about your safety when travelling to Mexico (to perhaps see us for your dental vacation), here's our Mexico travel warning based on our own experience travelling and living in Mexico...

Mexico is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit, not that it's just hours away but because it's filled with breathtaking sceneries and and endless picture-perfect shorelines. It has also become one of the most popular Dental Tourism destinations in the world and we made every effort to give the same quality of dental care that you can get in the US for mere fraction of the costs.

However, you may have negative impression about Mexico, hearing some false stories about it. Mexico is just as safe and as dangerous like any other place, there are places in Mexico that are prone to crime and are indeed considered dangerous but NOT in Mazatlan, so the surest way of being safe during your dental vacation with us is to spend your whole vacation on the many popular destinations in Mazatlan.

Police are very visible in these areas and they exert serious effort in protecting both locals and tourists. 

Always go to places that have high Police visibility as such places are properly protected and the visibility of the Police force discourages any possible crime.

Just as we recommend places with Police visibiilty and tourist spots, we warn you from going near US/Mexico border and areas with very few people. If you're concerned, ask our staff and we can recommend some good and safe places where you can enjoy your vacation.

So far, in our more than seven years of doing business here in Mazatlan and the twenty plus years of travelling to and from Mexico and Canada, we never experienced any hostilities within Mazatlan.

In fact we even have a page about the peace and order situation in Mazatlan based on our own observations. You may see it here.

If you need some help in organizing your dental tourism in Mexico, please don't hesitate to drop us a line here or talk with us via phone at 1-503-213-3779 (Please leave a voicemail and we will call you back).

Of course there are other wonderful and safe destinations in Mexico but since we're very familiar with the Mazatlan areas, it's here where we can help you best stay safe. We can even recommend places where you can stay during your vacation, give you a free massage, and free mobile phone to use during your stay here in Mazatlan.

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