My Dream: Having Nice Teeth

by David Elkins
(Redwood City, CA USA)

I grew up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and almost everyone I knew was very poor, including my family.

When I was in seventh grade and 13 years of age, I collided with another student while playing ball and broke one of my front teeth in half.

The broken piece fell into my hand. My parents took me to the local dentist who said the tooth could not be saved -- so he extracted it.

So there I was -- thirteen years of age, just beginning to think about girls, and wanting to look all suave and handsome. But instead, I had a gaping hole in my upper front teeth! Every time I smiled or laughed, I raised my hand to cover my mouth, hoping people would not notice.

Finally, about a year later, when my parents could afford it, I was given a "partial plate" as it was then called that supplied the missing tooth. Unfortunately, the denture was not well-made and not only did it not look attractive, but the artificial tooth broke off on a regular basis.

So throughout my teenage years, even though I was a good student and was popular and well-liked, I had an inferiority complex.

I went to college and graduate school to become a psychologist and professor. My young wife was my best support system (and still is, although we are now 65 and have been married 47 years).

She worked while I went to school and, finally, I achieved my goal of getting my PhD. With a good income for the first time in our lives, I eventually decided to do something about my teeth. (By this time, I had a couple of other front teeth that had developed cavities and had to have root canals, mainly because I had never had the money to take care of my teeth properly).

I finally went to a dentist in California who suggested I needed a bridge. I agreed to the procedures, not realizing he would file down several of my front teeth for the bridge.

However, I did not mind because I knew the bridge would "look good" and that perhaps, finally, I would have good teeth.

To my dismay, the bridge has been a continuing source of problems.

My teeth, perhaps for genetic reasons, are not very strong and the two teeth anchoring the bridge deteriorated.

At the present time, my bridge (once again) is loose!

I am now 65, just went on Medicare, and doggone it, I think it's finally time that I got some good teeth!

So I'm writing this essay to tell my story, hoping to get a couple of free implants along with other implants to hold an upper denture -- which is what I have decided I want.

I went to a dentist in California, where I now live, and he told me he could extract my 5 upper teeth (all I have left), place 4 implants, and give me a denture -- all for the "unbelievable price" of $21,000!!!

I agree that's a pretty "unbelievable" price and have decided to go to an excellent dental clinic in Mexico where I hope to receive highly professional treatment at a much-reduced cost.

I am a professional myself and I have no qualms about going to Mexico for dental work, provided the dentist is well-qualified and the work is of the highest quality.

Response From Mexican Dental Vacation

Thank you David, for entering the contest. We will pick a winner on January 1st, a few short months from now.

Our founder, Nick Konev, was also involved in a schoolyard injury at 11 yrs old. He was walking behind a batter warming up on the ball diamond, and as he swung back, he hit Nick on the upper front teeth, and one of the front teeth came out, hanging on a thread. He had the foresight to push the tooth back in the socket and hold it in place, until he got to a dentist a couple hours later.

Now, many years later, he still has the tooth in place, although it has turned slightly yellower. I suppose your dental trauma was more profound, so you were not able to save your tooth, so we will definitely do all we can to help you.

If there is anything we can do to help in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Veronica Erickson, Office Manager and Dental Goddess

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Mar 31, 2011
South America
by: Anonymous

It is cheaper to have your teeth fixed in any of the more developed countries in Central and South America; Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Chile and Peru. Use the search engine for "odontologos certificados" + country your visiting. Like in the USA, you can't practice if you don't have a degree from a recognized university, plus the years of practice.

Dec 10, 2010
Have a nice smile for less $$$$$$
by: Tracy

While checking my comments I notice that the amount did not show correct. It was $31,000 in PHX and $5,000 in Mexico. Sorry for this major error.

Dec 10, 2010
Have a nice smile for less $$$$$$
by: Tracy

My friend from Phoenix has crooked front teeth
and dentist in PHX gave her estimate for 31.00 dollars.I suggested to my friend visit to Mexico (all my teeth I am fixing there,while on vacation).
My friend went t Yuma and dentist fix all her teeth-pull out old one and place implants and crowns for $5,000. Now she looks like a movie star.
By the way ,right now I have an estimate to fix my broken tooth (one only)for over $5,000 ,I am in Seattle,WA.
Next year I am going to Acapulco on vacation an I will fix my tooth ,with implants and crown for about 1,200 dol.and rest of the money I will spend on myself.
Thanks for reading.My e mail

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