Understanding Permanent Dentures

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and a great smile throughout their lifetime if possible as this does not only bring back the glow in the face of an individual but this also means improved self confidence especially when facing other people. 

This contributes on the way an individual feels about himself. Despite this fact, it is also undeniable that there are moments in the life of an individual where in at one point or the other, he may lose his teeth may it be due to unexpected injuries and accidents or because of aging. Due to these, certain ways of bringing back the smile in one's face is through permanent dentures.

Common Permanent Dentures Misconceptions

Though there may be people who may claim that having permanent dentures are actually not sustainable and can be too painful, with the current developments and improvements in technology, these permanent dentures are actually effective ways not only in improving the aesthetics of your face but more so serving as a foundation and support to your facial muscles. In addition, these permanent dentures currently look very natural and good-looking on your face.

They also provide easy cleaning since they can be cleaned through just brushing, flossing and maintaining good oral hygiene. You can also visit dental professionals in order to get further tips on how to effectively maintain it.

Another misconception about these permanent dentures is their difference with dental implants. In fact, these two are just the same. They include the procedure of putting the denture permanently in the mouth through surgical means. One can choose from different surgeries that are being offered by dental providers in order to choose the one that meets his requirements and also his budget. 

Types of surgery include connecting the dentures within the bone, attaching it on top of the bone or implanting it through the bone. Determining the kind of surgery will primarily depend on the requirements of the individual. Most of the time, the gum tissue and the current condition of the teeth are being examined to be able to come up with the final decision.

For those who are thinking that permanent dentures only apply to those who have many teeth affected, then, you need to know that permanent dentures can also be applied even to those who may have lost just one tooth or even 2-3 teeth. It is basically flexible and your case will primarily determine the type of procedure to be done to you.

Permanent Dentures vs. Removable Dentures

The most basic difference between these two is the sustainability and long-term benefits of having permanent dentures compared to the removable ones. The retention and stability of having these permanent dentures are the things that give its advantage over the other. It also promotes a much better looking and improved aesthetics compared to the removable ones. These permanent dentures, most of the time, look like natural teeth that one cannot even distinguish their difference.

Additionally, the removable dentures, most of the time, have a lifetime of up to 10 years. Given these, there will be additional cost for replacement and repair once this expected lifetime is already reached.

There is also a lot of maintenance work that you need to do for removable dentures. For instance, you need to remove them and take them back to the mouth in a regular manner. This also stresses greater possibility for additional procedure to be done in order to protect and clean these dentures.

Cost of Permanent Dentures

Though permanent dentures may cost a little expensive reaching up to $850 to $3,500 per tooth, one still needs to consider it as an investment that will not only be good for your oral hygiene but more so to your total personality as a person. More so, the cost may be affected by the labor cost, cost of materials, dental competition and even additional procedures that need to be done.

You may opt to canvass first and compare different prices before settling and deciding to have the operation. This will surely give you a lot of savings at hand.

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