Please turn the light back on....

by leian barnett

Hello. My name is Leian. I am 46 years of age. Since January 16, 2007, I have worn dentures. A year prior to that, I had the most beautiful smile, and was outgoing and a totally different person. That's the year that my ex beat me and left me for dead. I woke up a couple of hours later with my little dog on my chest pawing my chin. That was in Dade City, Fl. I hitchhiked back to Texas, with the clothes on my back and Scooter, my life saver. I put my face back together with packing tape, and kept going, but never looked back. I wasn't raised that way.

I wasn't raised this way either. Now, I'm writing strangers, begging for help. I am on my 5th set of teeth. I have sores on the corners of my mouth because my teeth don't fit and saliva steady runs out, so i was told that it's eating my face. I have not eated a piece of meat that I could actually chew. I ate from a blender for a year, now, I put my teeth in (adhesive) approx 8 times per day. my face is caved in and when I look in the mirror i wish i wouldn't wake up to see this ever again. Im so damn sick of the tears. I'm just tired. I used to be really pretty, now i'm just.

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