Root Canal Cost

Researching for root canal cost on the internet can at times be confusing, this is because the cost vary from state to state and country to country. There are a lot of factors that affect the costs of root canal but the major factor is your location.

You may have observed that the cost of living in the US vary from state to state, same thing holds true on other countries. What a dentist charge in one city differ from what others charge in another city.

In the US, expect to pay somewhere around $350 to $1,000 for a root canal. Mind you, this could be for a single tooth. Price is also dependent on the difficulty of the job so don't be surprised when you end up paying more than what your dentist's preliminary quote states.

So I think it's obvious that the local cost of living plays a huge part in root canal cost. Well, there are other things that you must take into consideration before having a root canal; the dentist's level of experience and education also plays a major part - an edodontist who specializes in curing root tooth problems may charge 50% more than what other dentists charge in your area.

The best solution to avoid the costs is to avoid tooth decays by visiting your dentist regularly, pain and root canal complications are usually caused by tooth infections and tooth decay which can easily be avoided with proper oral hygiene.

But if you're already a candidate for a root canal, the best way to save on root canal cost is to scout around for a dentist with good record that can do the job within your budget, otherwise, head down Mazatlan for a vacation and we'll take care of your problems at a fraction of what you pay in your area.

So, what are included?

  • Inflamed and damaged tissues on the root are removed, the hollow tooth is cleaned and disinfected which is then covered with fillings to keep bacteria out and from re-invading the tooth.
  • X-ray to reveal the shape of the canals and possible bone infection. 
  • The area is numbed and the infected tooth is isolated with a rubber sheet which is cleaned with pin-sized file and suction. 
  • The tooth is filled, sealed and covered. 

The whole process may take more than a single appointment as the dentist needs to make sure that the infection is clear before the canal is filled and tooth sealed.

Final protective covering like a crown may add up to the overall cost of root canal.

Root canal may be your last option to save your tooth, the only other option is tooth extraction which may be replaced with a bridge, implant or a partial denture.

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