Root Canal Infection

A root canal infection is an infection that usually starts from the tooth that spreads down to the root and can get into the bone underlying the root. It can spread into the jawbone and may cause swelling and even the production of pus in the gums.

It can cause severe pain; swelling may be evident on facial part near the infected area or even the whole face.

There are cases where the patient is confused on what tooth is infected as the pain seem to be coming from the whole side of the area affected.

The infection can cause abscess that needs to be medically drained before any sort of treatment can work.

A basic understanding of what root canal is and how it functions can help you have a better grasp of what root canal infection is.  

A tooth is composed of two parts; the exposed part is called the "crown", the part that is embedded within the gums is called the "root".

Each of our tooth has a central hollow area called "pulp" or the pulp chamber. This area is where the blood vessels and connective tissues of the tooth are contained. This part also connects to the root tips via the root canals. The function of the root canals is to carry nerves and blood vessels to the pulp chamber.

As you may already know, blood vessels supply the pulp's needed nutrients. The nerve, on the other hand, carry signals to the brain.

The initial response of the body in case of a root canal infection is to fight the bacterial infection by sending antibodies and white blood cells in the infected area. However, during the heat of a root canal infection, there's no enough space for both the white blood cells and the antibodies in the root canal.

What Causes Root Canal Infection?

A root canal infection can be caused by many factors but will mostly root from a damaged tooth. Knowing this, you can say that it's easy to avoid root canal infections; all you have to do is, maintain good oral hygiene. 

That's correct but if you're already suffering from a root canal infection, the first thing to do is to go to a dentist. A root canal infection is one of those situations that require Professional treatment.

Antibiotics can be prescribed to treat the infection internally. Antibiotics that can kill the causing infection.

You will also be advised to rinse your mouth witha saline solution (salt water) each morning and evening.

Maintaining good oral hygiene even if you're still suffering from pain is very advisable as it will help hasten the elimination of the root canal infection.

Anti-inflammatory may also be prescribed to reduce the inflammation and for pain relief.

An Orthograde root filling may also be done to prevent additional infections.

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