Understanding Teeth Retainers

Alignment of teeth is considered to be as important as its whiteness and its quality. The total appearance of the teeth and the quality of smile are usually associated with the overall dental aesthetics.

Given these, braces are usually given the importance as the most effective way of providing alignment to the teeth. However, this is not usually the case since teeth retainers are also popular in addressing some problems relating to teeth alignment.

Braces vs. Teeth Retainers

Unlike braces, individuals have the choice of whether having fixed or removable retainers. For the materials that composed them, braces are usually made up of metal while retainers can be made up of wire, clasps, plastic or a combination of these.

Since braces usually require a specific duration for its placement on the teeth, retainers are usually used as supporting matter that will be used by the person after the braces are taken out of the teeth. The use of these teeth retainers ensures that the realignment of teeth is strictly enforced after the braces are gone.

Aside from being a support for braces, teeth retainers are also use to aid conditions concerning under bite and/or overbite. The overall alignment of the teeth and its sets are also being remedied so that there will be no unusual or unnecessary effect on the face's features which causes the lips to be too forward in the face.

Why do you need to have these teeth retainers?

Because of the developments of technology, these teeth retainers currently become more easy to wear and simple to have. Unlike before where in these teeth retainers are heavy and a hassle to wear, dentists now make sure to keep them as simple as possible. Different kinds of retainers are also developed to address the specific problems that the individual has on his teeth.

Additionally, one should remember that refusing to wear these teeth retainers will only make your teeth more prone to going back to its state before the braces. With these, the frequency of wearing the retainers should be strictly enforced to avoid any negative result from happening. 

These retainers make sure that the realignment enforced by the braces will stay for a long time. This is basically because tissues around the teeth area have different response to the alignment. Some may already be realigned in a fast-paced while some may take some time. Due to these, the need of teeth retainers is necessary since there is a possibility that the teeth will eventually go back to their prior locations even though they may already look straightened. These teeth retainers do not only support the teeth since it provides alignment and form to the totality of the mouth including the gums, bones, muscles and tissues.

Teeth retainers do not only improve the alignment and structuring of your teeth since it also affects the overall shape and form of your face. They are also less noticeable giving the person the opportunity to smile naturally even when wearing the retainers.

How to Choose the Right Teeth Retainer For You?

It is usually the case that there are many options currently available in the market for one to choose from regarding teeth retainers. In order to determine the one that will best suit your specific needs, it is important for you to consult an orthodontist in order to determine the cause of misalignment and to see the best solution and type of retainer applicable for you. For sure, there is a variety of issues that can be encountered by an individual from misaligned teeth to those with gaps and those having rotations and spaces. Additionally, consulting these orthodontists will also give you the idea on how to identify the difference between the different retainers and what will be suitable for the long run. For sure, you want to purchase something that will be able to sustain your need for the expected duration.

You don't need to worry when you consult these orthodontics since they are experts on this field. They are professionals in examining, preventing and providing remedy to misaligned teeth.

Kinds of Teeth Retainers

Hawley is one kind of teeth retainers known to be flexible to the need of its users. The wires in it are adjustable depending on the need of the individual. This is specifically important especially in ensuring that the teeth will be aligned properly especially in cases where in the gaps of the teeth are also remedied.

Essix is another kind of teeth retainers. The material that made up these retainers is a clear plastic matrix. Basically, this is a choice among people who value both purpose and aesthetics. Additionally, it is also easily removable and is very simple to use.

Clear teeth retainers are popular because it is not that apparent and it looks very natural on a person. It usually perfectly fit the entire arch of the teeth including the gum part.

Invisalign, on the other hand, is different from clear teeth retainers since this one has the purpose of moving the teeth and also, preventing any problems on orthodontics to occur.

Important Reminder on Teeth Retainers

Since retainers can also be a means to accumulate unnecessary plaque, it is also advisable that an individual perform the necessary cleaning. This will prevent any unwanted teeth problems from occurring.

Regular rinsing on warm water will take out microorganisms and bacteria that may be forming on your retainers. This can be done also when you are brushing your teeth.

Cleansing solutions for teeth retainers are also available in the market. You can purchase these and use these on regular interval since these are not only formulated to ensure cleaning of retainers but also to strengthen it and maintain its usability. Make sure to use this only on a predetermined duration since you can't soak the retainers for too long also.

For those who prefer using toothbrush and toothpaste, one can choose those with soft bristles and toothpaste that is non-abrasive. In this way, scratches and other injuries will be prevented. Regular monitoring with one's orthodontist is also advisable.

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