Teeth Whitening Pen - Is It Any Good?

There are a lot of products and various kinds of treatments that are out in the market that is used to whiten teeth from simple toothpastes that include whitening ingredients to dedicated teeth whitening kits, to whitening strips, to teeth whitening pens, and bleaching gels. 

As you can see, dental practitioners and companies never stopped bringing innovations to brightening one’s teeth.  Often they compete because each consumer has different considerations such as the products affordability (price factor), effectiveness (how fast the product works to whiten the teeth) longevity (how long will the treatment lasts) ease of use (how easy to apply the product or how convenient it is to use the product) safety (can it damage your teeth or can it cause demineralization?)

One thing common to teeth whitening pens and other teeth whitening products is the use of hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent.  Each product contains different amount of peroxide, so you might want to ask this question before buying a whitening product:

“How many times do you need to apply or use the pen, once or twice a day?”It is very important to know so that you can speed up the process and get the results you desire. 

Teeth whitening pens have a lot of varieties and are packaged attractively to capture the market’s attention.  Some use endorsers to “tease” buyers and to prompt them to act immediately and buy the product.  So the question that you may have in mind is: “Does teeth whitening pens really works?”

Manufacturers say that teeth whitening pens: 

  • have bleaching power that will really whiten your teeth
  • are safe and easy to use
  • applies in second and are relatively inexpensive

On the contrary, users say that a teeth whitening pen: 

  • is difficult to use; it’s difficult to apply the gel evenly to the teeth since you apply the product directly
  • the gel has nothing to hold on so it's easy to come off
  • it’s hard to get even results since you can’t measure how much have you applied from teeth to teeth.  Imagine yourself smiling in the crowd and suddenly one of your friends notice that you have an uneven teeth color!

Bottom line, if you are not really sure and confused on whether or not a teeth whitening pen is good for you; you may seek your dentist’s advise first on what teeth whitening product can work best for your teeth.

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