The most devasting thing that ever happened to me

by Diana Leigh
(Winter Haven Florida)

After being diagnosed with diabetes I had to have my teeth removed. My mother gifted me $15,000 for the removal, bone grafting and placement of dentures.

When I was healed I returned to the dentist to be told the procedure for dental implants was going to be $34,000. I am unable to pay the huge some of money, but the worst thing is the dentures don't fit.

The teeth size are perfect but I have a flat roof in my mouth and the top plate only will stay in for 2 hours before I start gagging and have to remove them.

The bottoms will not stay fixed they see saw and interfere with my speech. This has caused me so much distress, I am unable to go out to eat as I can't eat with them in and I refuse to go out without teeth.

This has caused major confidence problems. I went to Paris on vacation and couldn't wear my teeth it was a horrible holiday I was so embarrassed and disappointed that I cried myself to sleep.

I became unemployed and asked my dentist if he could help me as I need to look for a job and as I am a professional I need to have a working mouth. He said he could do the work but the price was the same.

He told me to get a loan from the equity in my house, I can't do that I have none since the economy went bad and my unemployment.

I can't get a loan as I am unemployed and probably will be this way until I am working how can I look for work with this problem. My teeth fall out of my mouth it is awful. He could even extend me a payment plan.I left there in tears.

Our appearances are important when we first meet someone especially in the business world not being able to speak sor smile will not help me find a job. I lose sleep over the whole thing and get very depressed.

The other problem is my face has changed shape around the chin area I look like a witch I know teeth will put my mouth back where it should be.

I would love to be able to go out and eat in public again and get back into doing the things I love to do instead of hiding in my house.

All I want is snap in dentures so I can function like a human being. I haven't even dated since this happened so as you can see my whole life is affected.

I pray I will win this competition and be able to help others with the same problem when I find work.

Thanks for the opportunity of possibly getting teeth.

Diana Leigh

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May 19, 2011
I wish you could have been blessed ...
by: StarAnna

with the priviledge of the implants
Your story touched my heart because it is so much like mine

I was raised in a lovely home with so much love and us 5 kids no matter how much money my parents did or didnt have (we werent aware of finances) always had eye appts and teeth appts every 6 months !! ugh. lol
but i married and was abused from day one. It took a toll on my teeth and not only that but i started having seizures and had to have meds. Seizure meds destroy your teeth. I loved my kids so very very very much!! I put braces on their teeth but did without. I always had beautiful teeth so i was devastated when they started just crumbling away one by one... Root canals failed, i had 6 of them in 18 months and they arent cheap.

Finally gave in when on christmas day two front upper teeth disenagrated while eating our traditional treat of ....cream horns. yep. soft crumbly cream pastries.

So i was devasted but had to do it...the uppers were removed in january. I was able to pick out on my own teeth that looked JUST LIKE MINE!! but they dont function like your own. do get more and more used to them as you wear them. Important factor: NEVER EVER buy economy teeth. Even if you can get the next level up. Even if they LOOK the same, DONT get them, because they are made of cheap plastic, like hard plastic toys (think little green army soldiers or farm animals) The next ones up are acrylic and much better! If you can get valplast thats even better. Porcelain look great but dont last long and chomp and wear down (and are expensive) so go with acrylic or valplast.(any kind of flexible )

Hope this helps!!! You can also order dentures online . . . You have to make the molds. They send you a kit. IF YOU CAN PUT YOUR DENTURES IN YOUR MOUTH, you can do this!! Neonbrite or Mouthglove are great . Mouthglove is slow but sincere.
best luck!!!

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