TMJ Ear Pain: What Is It Really About?

TMJ ear pain is a type of ear pain which is associated with TMJ. TMJ is short for Temporomandibular joint disorder. 

TMJ is basically a joint located in the front part of the ear that basically connects the jaw bone on the lower part of the face to the skull. It can also exist on either side of the head, in the right or left side. It is one of the joints in the body that is the most commonly used.

Having a disorder on this part will certainly cause pain either in the head part or in the jaw as well as difficulty in doing mouth movements especially in opening and closing it as well as in eating, chewing and even biting. There is an undeniable pain and discomfort in the parts that the joint connects as well as in the ears.

Based on statistics gotten by TMJ Association located in America, there is approximately 35 million people who are experiencing TMJ ear pain in the country. Apparently, this is actually almost 20% of the entire population which makes it a very popular disorder among many.

Additionally, if you ever consider who are more prone to this disease then common patients are women who are between 20 and 40 years of age.

Treatment of TMJ Ear Pain

TMJ Ear Pain is most of the time treated through being advised to take some medicines that will serve as pain relievers. Additionally, in order to aid in making the muscles in the mouth relaxed, mouth guards may also be advised to the patient. These things are just simple treatments that one can implement. However, in cases where in the condition may already seem to be serious, certain treatments are recommended in order to effectively remove the pain.

With the studies currently being conducted in order to address the challenges and difficulties experienced by individuals who have TMJ disorder, experts had found out that treating this kind of disorder do not necessarily mean that one needs to spend a lot of money or even become uncomfortable. 

The most effective TMJ pain treatment that most individuals found out is through knowing and doing TMJ exercises. Reviews and feedback from individuals who had tried this were all positive and great results were actually obtained by them. Results are actually evident and are proven even in just a short time.

Some practical ways of remedying TMJ ear pain includes proper good posture and proper massage and stretch of the muscles of the jaw. Additionally, doing hot and cold compress also needs to be applied in order to regulate the flow of blood in the area and to also neutralize any pain or discomfort that one may feel.

Reminder About TMJ Ear Pain

Like any other discomfort or disease, one needs to take initiative in order to address the comfort as soon as possible. In order to fight the symptoms of TMJ ear pain, it is advisable that one makes sure to perform the exercises as proactively as possible. This is because dragging the TMJ ear pain for a long-time may only cause it to worsen. This scenario may even mean greater costs for you and even complicated surgeries.

Worst situations are usually characterized by decrease mobility and too much pain in the area. This is actually a serious case given this joint's frequency of use.

Always remember that it is always better to prevent than cure. One should always take precaution in the movement he does in order to be away from complications like this.

For extremely serious cases, consulting a chiropractor may aid you in your needs. They are the ones specialize to provide solutions to those who may be experiencing extreme discomfort.

Most TMJ disorders are caused by misaligned or incorrect bites so it's wise to see a dentist first or a TMJ specialist.

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