TMJ Exercises - Relieving Your Temporo-Mandibular Joint

TMJ exercises makes it easy to relieve Temporo-Mandibular Joint discomforts and they're quite easy to do, however, like any health Professional, we'll advise you to always see your Dentist, Orthodontist , or a TMJ Specialist first if you think you're experiencing TMJ problems.

A little background on Temporo-Mandibular Joint

Temporo-Mandibular Joints are the joints on either side of the jaw that works in unison. There are two bones which form the TMJ structure, they are: the upper temporal bone which forms part of the skull, and the lower jaw bone which is called mandible.

TMJ is a very complex joint that it may cause a variety of symptoms (pain) that  you may not usually associate with TMJ. Seeing a health professional, will help you determine if indeed the pain is associated with TMJ.

TMJ problem can be easily misconceived as a plain headache, facial pain, migraines, neck pain, eye problems, and many more. The pain can be recurrent and is no simple problem, seeing your dentist helps determine the proper TMJ exercises that can work best for your situation.

When having TMJ problems, you'll most-likey experience pain on the joints of the jaw and difficulty in opening your mouth, clicks and pops on the joint may also be observed, as well as tightness on the jaw.

TMJ disorders are commonly known only as TMJ, in context, it's a jaw disorder that affects the neck, back, and ears. If left untreated, it can affect a person's breathing, eating, and may experience an incredible pain.

TMJ Exercises

Dentists and chiropractors agree that one of the best ways to treat TMJ is by relaxing and strengthening one's jaw muscles to fix jaw alignment and alleviate TMJ pain.

There are a variety of TMJ exercises that you can try and these exercises aren't a one-size fit all solution. What may work for someone may not necessarily work for someone else. The length of time too is hard to predict, some achieve TMJ cure in as little as days of employing TMJ exercises, others may take a week or two.

Here's a video demonstration by Kinetic Health on the first series of TMJ exercises that you may try to alleviate TMJ pain:

Other TMJ Exercises to Try

Isometric TMJ Exercise

The Isometric TMJ exercise calls for dividing your jaw (chin) into four parts for the exercise. To start this routine, sit comfortably in a chair and cross the index fingers of your both hands and place it against your chin to divide your jaw.

Next, press the left (or right) side of your chin towards the opposite direction with your middle and index fingers while you try to resist the force with the strength of your jaw, trying to keep it straight. Count 1-10 and do the same on opposite side.

Then, slightly open your mouth to separate your teeth and place your thumb on the lower part of your chin and push backward, resist the force of your finger with the strength of your jaw. Count 1-10, and do the same on the upper part of your chin (right below your lower lips).

TMJ Neck Exercises

The first step in this TMJ exercise is called "chin to chest". Lower your chin towards your chest, hold, and count to ten. You can also place your hand at the back of your head to have more pressure on it but don't pull your head with your hand, just lower your head on it's own. The purpose of placing your hand is only to add the pressure.

Next, turn your face to the left, hold that position and count 1-10. Turn to the right after.

The next step is lower your head sideways, hold and count to 10 for each side. Do this without turning your head, just lower your head but keep your eyes forward.

The final step on this TMJ exercise is a sligh variation of the chin to chest stretching. Hold your head straight up-right, turn it slightly at 2 o'clock position then lower down your chin towards your chest and count to 10. Do the same at 10 o'clock position.

There are many more TMJ exercises that you can try to heal your TMJ problems but we strongly urge you to see a health Professional first for proper treatment. Professionals can work with you in choosing the right TMJ exercise that can help alleviate or even cure your TMJ issue.

The video demonstration by Kinetic Health above is excellent and if you're planning to cure your TMJ from home, we recommend you try it first.

They say that prevention is better than cure and the best way to prevent TMJ is through regular dental check-up. Twice a year dental check-up is ideal and you can couple your dental check-up with travel and fun here at Mazatlan.

By the way, having found our clinic on the web, you're entitled for a free dental check-up which is inclusive of basic x-rays. Book your free check-up on our appointment page, or you may call us to book your appointment. Just mention you found us via the internet to be entitled for the free check-up.

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