TMJ Pain Treatment

A TMJ pain treatment is important for people suffering from TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Pain, otherwise known as TMD.

If you've read our other articles on TMJ, you may have read about the different TMJ exercises and the importance of consulting with a TMJ Specialist, specially when the pain just won't go away.

TMJ are the joints on both sides of the jaw; they are the temporal bone which is part of the skull and the mandible which is the lower jaw bone.

TMJ, as you may know by now, is a very complex joint that you may not be able to associate the pain felt with it so it's always wise to see TMJ specialists or your dentist to help you determine whether or not the pain is actually caused by the joints. If it is, there are many TMJ pain treatment options that you can try to address the pain.

There are various TMJ pain treatment procedures and medications available, initially, you may try TMJ exercises for TMJ pain relief but if it doesn't help ease the pain, we always advise to see a TMJ Specialist who's experienced in treating TMJ pain.

TMJ symptoms vary from person to person and as such, there's no one single cure to treat a TMJ disorders. Most TJM Professionals focuse on TMJ pain relief as the first step in TMJ pain treatment.

When it comes to TMJ pain treatment, the American Institute of Health recommends non-invasive, conservative treatment procedures first and if the disorder persists even if such treatments were exhausted, TMJ professionals may resort to invasive procedures such as surgery. If you think that you're suffering from a TMJ disorder, please be assured that number of TMJ patients who undergo surgical intervention as a TMJ pain treatment is very low so there' s nothing to worry about.

Most of the time, TMJ pain is relieved with the various non-invasive treatment that Professionals may suggest.

The type of TMJ pain treatment that you'll receive may have to depend on the type of doctor that you're going to see for TMJ pain relieve. There are various of practicioners who may be able to help with your TMJ pain treatment. 

Some people go to dentists (like us) to have their TMJ disorder fixed. A Dentists can help when the cause of the TMJ pain is "incorect bite". In this case, we may make a splint to cover and protect your teeth when your grind at night.

A splint helps to guide your bite so you bite correctly and it tries to recapture a disc.

If your TMJ disorder is at the extreme, your dentists may recommend the services of a Maxillofacial surgeon who recommend a more aggressive approach which most likely is surgical intervention. Since, most TMJ disorders are corrected with non-invasive TMJ pain treatment, it will be wise to consider multiple second opinions from other professionals before taking this route, as this can be an expensive procedure.

The most common procedure done to treat TMJ disorder is called arthrocentesis. Various procedures may be done such as arthoscopy, arthroplasty, or total joint replacement. Again, only a very small percentage of TMJ patients need surgical intervention, so might as well consider it as your last option.

You may also seek help from other health professionals like a Neurologist if you're suffering from headache, ENT if you're suffering from ear pain.

Most TMJ disorders are caused by misaligned or incorrect bites so it's wise to see a dentist first.

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