turning life around

by emmanuel
(oregon, usa)

First of all, let me say that I’m not complaining about my life because I know that there are many people less fortunate then me and I thank God for what I have… but, what I don’t have is teeth... I’m not sure if it’s hereditary but almost everyone in my family has bad teeth… I myself am 28 now and I can’t even smile with an open mouth.
I often cover my mouth when speaking because of the shame and embarrassment I’ve felt when people have asked me what’s wrong or what happened to my teeth…

I’ve brushed them and flossed and tried everything. I admit when I was younger, I’ve neglected to wash them all the time but that all changed about 8 years ago and I do what’s needed. I can’t afford insurance and my job doesn’t offer any… I now have a 2 year old that I worry will also have problems…

I have 4 missing on the top front and only 2 left on the bottom total…
Please if you can help me out and god bless you all for doing this.

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