Wh y I REALLY need 2 dental implants by Pamala Sheppard

by Pamala
(Vancouver BC Canada)

My daughter and I.

My daughter and I.

I have been spending every spare penny to try to keep my husband's and my teeth in order. Since we are writers and have no medical or dental, we went way too long without treatment . When we finally got our teeth cleaned up, the bridges and implants that we need add up to almost $10,000 each!

Now for the sad part of the story. My dentist insisted on lots of appointments $$$$$ to even out my bite before starting my three bridges.

After a bite straightening session, I bit down and broke a crown on my lower left molar. My dentist felt that there were no guarantees on remounting the crown with posts etc. and that it would cost $2500. She recommended an extraction.

My dentist proceeded to pry, drill and yank with pliers for 2 1/2 hours. I had to be novacained several times and it was ineffective on the location. I was in pain, squirming. I thought I would faint. Finally she removed the last root - breaking off the crown of the neighbor tooth. To make matters worse, I have developed "Dry Socket" so now a week later, I am still in pain.

Since now the span is too long for my bridge, she offered me a partial plate to make up for her mistake. I don't want dentures! She will not pay for implants.

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Nov 09, 2010
Response from Mexican Dental Vacation
by: Nick Konev, owner of Mexican Dental Vacation

Hi Pamala,

Those of us who are entrepreneurs, self-employed, or freelancers don't have the luxury of dental coverage, and many times, those of us who do have coverage, find it to be lacking. Many insurance companies will not cover dental implants, they are seen as a luxury, or as cosmetic.

This is part of the reason that we started this contest, even those with dental coverage can use free dental implants, and we can certainly provide them to the winner of this contest.

Good luck!

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